27-year-old Baoma, the second child is only 2 years old, she died suddenly in the morning when she was playing with her cell phone all night. Don't take sleep seriously any more.

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27-year-old Baoma, the second child is only 2 years old, she died suddenly in the morning when she was playing with her cell phone all night. Don't take sleep seriously any more.

2019-03-01 15:47:13 207 ℃

With the relaxation of the second child policy, more and more families will choose to have a second child. While welcoming the second child to feel happy, some sad things will happen. Recently, Anhui Satellite TV News reported that a 27-year-old mother in Hengzhou, Zhejiang Province, died suddenly the next day after playing with her cell phone. Her eyes were still fixed on her cell phone when she was found. At the time of her death, her second baby was only two years old. Did BMW suddenly die all night because she loved to play with her cell phone too much? Obviously this is not the case. As the news continues, we hear the husband of the mother say that she always takes care of her two babies to go to bed every night before she has time to play with her cell phone. Almost two babies go to bed in the early morning or stay up at night every night, which leads to the instant disintegration of a happy family.

Therefore, we say that the comprehensive opening of the second-child policy is good, but the pressure and problems faced by the second-child mothers are also increasing, BMW often suffers from fatigue or sudden death due to long-term poor sleep. What is the cause?

1. irregular sleep

When the baby is just pregnant with a second child, Baoma shoulders a huge responsibility. While taking care of the big baby, she also takes care of the baby in her stomach, especially after the birth of the second baby, she often cries and makes noise so that Baoma can not sleep. Therefore, irregular sleep becomes more serious. And lead to their long-term sleep irregularities caused by some diseases. Most of the sleeping time of these mothers is sleeping in the daytime and staying up late at night to take care of their babies, or getting up to take care of their crying babies during the daytime. As a result, the irregular sleeping time gradually becomes the daily life of many mothers.

2.Always wake up at night

babies often cry in the middle of the night or have to eat milk after they are born, and babies have to wake up at midnight to coax their babies to sleep and nurse until their babies are quiet. However, many babies feel that they can't sleep anymore and then pick up their mobile phones to play games and watch the drama. Night and so on, play cell phone till dawn... In the long run, many treasure mothers often get up or stay up late, leading to mental deterioration, which leads to various diseases of the body. With the rapid development of social economy, "raising children" has become a major problem in the minds of many treasure mothers, and the pressure is increasing. Many second-born babies not only have to go to work but also take care of their two children after they have finished their second-born babies. The pressure from work and life finally knocks down their health little by little, and their spirits gradually become trance, which leads to long-term sleep deprivation.

Staying up late and sleeping late are common habits of BMWs. Many BMWs say that only after taking care of their children, the time after their children go to bed quietly is our time, so we stay up not at night, but free. But little do we know that long-term sleep deprivation is quietly engulfing our health, or can see or can not see, in this era, not staying up late has become our most difficult self-discipline. Although we can all see and know the hardships of the second-born babes, their bad habits are self-developed. Long-term sleep deprivation can lead to obesity, ugliness, stupidity, trance or memory decline, and even sudden death, which are the injuries we can not change.

Therefore, after reading this article, I hope that all the mothers who like to stay up late can treat their health well and not let their health be delayed by staying up late. We should know that life is not a short run, but a marathon, the health of the baby is very important to their own health is equally important! Proper exercise and good mentality are what we should have ~put a good mentality, keep a happy mood, anything can pass!