Children's two kinds of "bad habits" can not be used to, it is difficult to grow up to have a good future, don't "waste" the child.

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Children's two kinds of "bad habits" can not be used to, it is difficult to grow up to have a good future, don't "waste" the child.

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The growth of children can not be separated from the parents'education and guidance, although most parents will be strict with their children, hoping that their children will become mature in the future, but still some parents have three wrong views, do not attach importance to their children, often this kind of parents will bring up a lot of children's bad problems, of which two parents are the most typical!

1: Regardless of the disinterested parents

some parents are not good in character, they are lazy and lazy, do not do housework, children are unwilling to take them with them, throw them directly to the other half or the elderly, and let their children cry, they are still playing with their mobile phones, they think that who was responsible for the birth at the beginning, they choose to escape responsibility and life. 。 As a result, children lack of attention and become selfish and do not understand affection and love.

2: Over-spoiled parents

This kind of three-sided view of parents, although still good, attaches great importance to the growth of children, but too much spoiled children, resulting in children do not know the rules, often cause trouble, but parents never take it seriously, always give children "wipe their buttocks"!

and in the process of children's growth, the impact of these two types of parents on children is devastating and will affect their children's life. Nobody wants their children to become giant babies in the future. They don't want to see their children's lives abandoned. Now they realize that parents have a chance to remedy it.

< strong > Children's two kinds of "bad habits" can not be used to, grow up difficult to have a good future, do not "waste" the child

< strong > 1: children do not want to suffer hardships, spoiled, and even violence against relatives

< p> once saw a child, grandpa went to pick him up from school, told grandpa to carry him home, do not want to leave. Grandpa refused to move back, at this time the child's mood suddenly burst out, beat his fist on Grandpa, lying on the ground unwilling to get up.

A child who is usually spoiled and spoiled only thinks of his own interests, ignores the feelings of others, even to his relatives, and is frighteningly indifferent. People who have never suffered bitterness since childhood, their way of thinking is to escape, work hard to change, refuse to find reasons from themselves, and finally have nowhere to escape, they can only flee home to gnaw on the old people.

2: Personnel managers in many companies complain that their children are impatient, enthusiastic for three minutes and want to resign when they encounter some difficulties. They are very big-minded and always want to go up one step at a time. They don't know the value of persisting in doing a good job. If you want to make some achievements in one thing, of course, the most important thing is to persevere in it. If you find that your child has difficulties in doing things, you choose to give up. They say it's too difficult and meaningless. They always like to find excuses elsewhere. If parents don't correct their education in time, they will probably accomplish nothing in the future.

If you want your child not to be spoiled and spoiled, do things with perseverance, here are some ways that parents can refer to.

1: When a child is about three years old, when he goes to the street with his parents, he can ask him to help with some things appropriately.

2:When he is five or six years old, he can be taught to clean the table, and then the cleaning of the table can be handed over to the children.

3:When he is about nine years old, if he is not far from home, he can be taught to go home by himself after school. < p > < p > 4: When a child goes to junior high school, his parents can appropriately let him do some dirty work and heavy work, such as cleaning the toilet.

5:In high school, children can go out to work in winter and summer vacation on the premise of safety.

6:When you go to college, your monthly living expenses are fixed, which basically enables your children to be independent.

Those parents who have three wrong views hold rough hoes in their hands and dream of carving their children into precious jade, so they will only "scrap" their children. Only by willing to let the children suffer hardships and not conceal the hardships of life from the children, can the children shoulder the responsibility of their own lives.