Does "the age limit for children to sleep in separate rooms" do harm to people? Parents should understand this correctly

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Does "the age limit for children to sleep in separate rooms" do harm to people? Parents should understand this correctly

2019-03-01 15:47:17 326 ℃

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Recently, a mother left a message saying that her daughter is six years old and should sleep separately from her parents, but the child is very resistant to it.

has tried several times, but all of them failed. Every time she promised good, but once she came to her room, she would change her mind temporarily and go back to my side to sleep.

Once I managed to lull her to sleep, but she got up in the middle of the night and cried out, "Afraid of the dark, it's terrible to sleep alone." At any age, children should sleep separately from their parents. How to let their children sleep alone has troubled countless parents. Parents always worry that their children and parents are easy to sleep prematurely, are not independent, and will become increasingly insecure, but these are all unscientific statements. Professor James McKenna has used decades of research to conclude that babies and young children are habitually close to their mothers, and that the mother's body is still the only environment in which babies really adapt.

He also observed that parent-child sleeping can improve the sleep quality of infants and children, and is beneficial to the establishment of parent-child relationship and the physical and mental health of children.

Compared with infants sleeping alone, children in the same room with their parents had more stable physiology, including more stable temperature, more regular heart rhythm and less long-term apnea. In addition to the advantages of physical development, parent-child sleeping can also promote long-term emotional health of infants and young children, who are happier, less anxious, less behavioral problems and more receptive to intimate relationships. Parents need not worry about the harm of sleeping with their children.

In addition, there is no fixed standard for the age of children sleeping in separate rooms. 5-6 years old and 7-8 years old can actually do so. Parents should also adjust this according to their own conditions. The age at which children sleep in separate rooms will not affect their mental health, but the process of sleeping in separate rooms should be gradual according to their performance. Parents should put aside the evaluation of the people around them and make decisions according to their children's situation.

Just make sure that children do not sleep alone too early and too late. For example, children under one year old should still share a room with their parents, but it is better not to sleep in the same bed in order to prevent pressure on the baby. After primary school, children should also try to sleep alone. For children who sleep with their parents for a long time, sleeping independently is equivalent to experiencing a psychological weaning.

Although it is not harmful for children to sleep with their parents, it is still inconvenient for them to sleep with them when they grow up, but parents can not force their children to sleep alone, looking at their wronged eyes, parents are also reluctant.

In fact, as long as parents master the following skills, sleeping in separate rooms with their children will become very easy. Children who start from bed separation and no room separation

and their parents'sleeping habits may lack their sense of security and fear if they sleep alone too quickly.

< p> So it is easier for children to adapt to the transition from bed-splitting to room-splitting. < p > < strong > 2. Accompanying the child to adapt to his own room < / strong > < / P > < p > Father and mother can sleep alone with the child in his own room first. When the child is familiar with his own room, they can put forward to let the child sleep alone, while parents can read in the child's room, and then go back to their own room to sleep after the child falls asleep.

3. When sleeping in separate rooms, both sides should not close the door

parents and children's doors are open, so it seems that the small space is still connected, not far apart, and the children's heart will be more solid.

If the child is afraid in the middle of the night, he can return to his parents'room at any time. Parents'pillows and familiar toys in bed

< p> Children may still feel uneasy in a strange room. Mothers can find a substitute for children to sleep with their parents' pillows or their favorite dolls, put the bedclothes that children usually use, accompanied by familiar objects, which can eliminate the loneliness of children.

5. Parents who accompany their children to sleep in their children's room before going to bed

can also tell their children small stories or listen to some soothing music together to keep their children happy. Parents still love themselves even when they sleep in separate rooms. < p > < strong > 6, fixed sleep time < / strong > < / P > < p > fixed sleep time, regular biological clock, children are more likely to fall asleep. Before going to bed, remember to go to the toilet to avoid waking up in the middle of the night to increase fear. Before going to bed, don't let the child watch too intense TV, keep calm mood, so that he won't have nightmares and sleep quality is higher. If the child does not cooperate, parents can consult with the child to satisfy the child's one wish. In short, they should interact with the child and discuss a bottom line that can change their behavior.

More care, patience and comedy, let the children sleep alone is not as difficult as imagined, the children's room layout as they like, will attract them more, children will always have some things they want, with gifts to encourage them to sleep independently is also a good way.

If children and parents are willing to sleep in a room, then there is no so-called "age limit for room-sharing sleep". Every family is different, every child's mental growth is different, and it is most important for a family to have love together.

< p> and with the growth of children's age, their sense of autonomy will become stronger and stronger. It is natural for them to sleep alone, but some children are early and some children are late. Parents do not have to stick to all kinds of external statements, just let it be.

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