"Son, mother loves you so much that she has to eat you."

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"Son, mother loves you so much that she has to eat you."

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"My mother loves you so much that she has to eat you. "

This is the tragic story of Baby Bao, the best animated short film of this year's Oscar. The short film

less than 8 minutes, without a single line, vividly depicts the Chinese-style parent-child relationship, which is thought-provoking. The mother in the short film

found that her bag of steamed buns had turned into a human figure and a little boy.

She was ecstatic and loving holding the baby in her arms.

Mother's love was kindled and her mother gave all her love to the baby: kiss, feed, bathe, take him shopping, play with him...

Eye-wrapping babies grow up, and do not always cling to their mothers.

p>He wants to play with his peers instead of following his mother behind him;

p>He wants to play football instead of watching his mother play Taiji;

p>He wants to be alone, and he doesn't like his mother to lie on the door and listen, or even invite him in;

p>He wants to go out and date friends instead of eating a big meal carefully prepared by his mother at home...

Mother looked at her son, who was getting farther and farther away. She became more disappointed, almost mad and broke down, and the relationship between mother and son became more and more tense. Finally, one day, Baobao fell in love with his girlfriend and he was going out to live with her.

Now, the mother lost control completely. In despair and anger, she swallowed the baby in one bite and swallowed it in her stomach...

If I can't control you, it's better to destroy you.

< p> < strong> Two generations struggle in love until both lose.

Many people watched and cried.

Do not know how to let go of love, how terrible.

As Shi Zhiyu, the director of Baobao, said, this is a story about family and love, as well as a story about letting go. Xiao/p>

Shi Zhiyu said that Bao's mother in the film was built on her mother's prototype:

When I was a child, my mother always regarded me as a bun in the palm of her hand, never leaving her sight for a moment and forbidding me to run around...

When parents love their children to the extreme, they even destroy their children in order not to let them leave. Therefore, parents who overprotect their children need to learn to let go.

As parents, we want to bring all the good things in the world to our children. Little wonder, children who gradually have independent thoughts and personal life need more than this love. < p > < p > < strong > love is both a concern and a fetter. Parents who are smart and farsighted will give their children the strongest love when they are young, and they can also withdraw decently and timely when they are going to be independent and give them the chance to experience life for themselves. < p > < p > < strong > Love is never confinement, but let go.

< p> < strong> Only by letting go, can children have the opportunity to perceive the world and to fly freely.

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suddenly reminds me of Fu Yuanhui in My Girl.

The girl praised by the outside world as "the girl of the flood and famine" is a little girl in front of her father.

Father Fu's care for her is so trivial.




, the host asked Fu Dad such a question: "Will my daughter invite friends to play at home? "

Father Fu said,"No, because she has no friends. The sentence

made my heart ache and gave birth to full heartache to Fu Yuanhui.

Gao Yalin said: "Parents are a wall between us and the God of death. "

Every parent and child is a wall, a wall of life and death, and a protective wall.

Every moment, parents want to carefully protect their children under their wings and cover them in a sterile warehouse, so as to avoid children's alarm, disturbance and displacement.

But this kind of wholehearted care for children is not love, but a kind of "plunder". In the English drama Black Mirror, a mother participated in an Ark Angel project to keep her daughter away from harm. She implanted a high-tech chip in her daughter's brain, which created a beautiful fairy tale world for her daughter artificially. There is no harm, no danger, no violence in her world. Everything looks so beautiful.

Mother poured all her possessions into this "Pure Land" for her daughter, but pushed her to the abyss. After the

chip was shut down, the daughter lost the ability to deal with the world alone. She has no sense of risk, does not know what danger is, does not know how to distinguish good from evil, and even is full of curiosity about those bad things. Love is sometimes honey and sometimes arsenic. Parents who really love their children should never be "controlling" parents. They will let go at the right time.

in the picture book "Little Bear Beibei", when the bear arrives at the age of solitary predation, the mother decides to teach herself to hunt.

< p> However, the bear only chases squirrels for fun, and is afraid of being bitten by bees, but also worried about the cold river water is too cold.

In the morning, he did not find any food. The frustrated bear thought to himself that if she hadn't grown very well all the time, her mother would be able to feed herself all the time.

In the afternoon, Mama Bear jumped into the river alone to catch fish, and invited the bear to go into the water. The bear was still afraid that the fish would bite him and refused to go down. On the day of

, the mother came down hard and did not feed the bear. In the evening, the hungry bear could only sneak out alone to find food. In the process of looking for food, he learned to collect honey and fish...

Seeing this, the mother who had been hiding behind the bear smiled.

"When you first caught a big fish tonight, your eyes sparkled like stars, which is the most beautiful star I have ever seen. "

Mother Bear's education style is really admirable.

Face the growing child, guide him slowly, encourage him to explore and try, let him experience countless first times in life. Only in this way can children acquire experience and acquire ability in one experience and master basic survival skills. In the variety show "Teenagers Talk", countless children step onto the courage platform and shout to their parents:

Mom and Dad, I will be 17 years old. I have been listening to you for so many years, but this time, I want to fight for my dream. Can you let me be capricious for my dream once?

Dad, thank you for all you have done to me. You used to be a giant around me. I am a little girl in your heart, but later, I want to be your dependence.

They are so eager to be independent, to let their parents go, and to give themselves a chance to fight for their own life.

My child, I am willing to let go gently and forcefully, and willingly watch you go farther and farther away, watching you with bows and arrows, shooting birds, and walking in the storm;

I am willing to always be the person who can help you look straight at, face and solve setbacks, and stand firmly behind you to make you feel "I can do it";