Zhang Xinyi & Chen Yihan Breast-feeding Late at Night: Compared with having children, breast-feeding is the most painful thing.

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Zhang Xinyi & Chen Yihan Breast-feeding Late at Night: Compared with having children, breast-feeding is the most painful thing.

2019-03-01 15:47:21 905 ℃

Gongjie said before that the most painful thing in the world is to have children. Many girls are afraid to have children, but today I want to correct this statement. Maybe after you read it, you don't want to have children. It's feeding that is more painful than having children. The pain level of cutting the body skin with a knife is 9.2. In production, more than 50% of mothers have grade 10 pain. Feeding pain, far more than the pain of production, you feel the tear, bleeding, scab bar, the key point is that you will feel the wound healing and repeatedly torn apart pain, but also experience nipple chapped, breast plugging... Imagine the pain of < section > < section > < p > < / P > < / section > < / section > < / section > < p > < img SRC = "/ 1ydzximg / 0LOQC4oyZu" /> < / P > < p > A few days ago, Zhang Xinyi, a newly-promoted nurse, sunned several "pumping alarm clocks" and stamped the tear points of her breast-feeding mother.

which is the source of pumping alarm clock, also showed a picture of pumping milk the next day, and the accompanying text: If you are sadder than sadness, you will know your parents'kindness.

After pumping milk, the source microblog @Chen Meaning

was scattered all over the milk. When the mother thought that after giving birth, she had succeeded in hijacking the delivery room herself.

In fact, the moment the baby is born, it is the beginning of the real robbery.

My daughter is two years old and has weaned for half a year.

But when I saw these pictures and thought about the time of breast milk, my nose was still sour. < p > < p > Bryant said, "Have you ever seen Los Angeles at four in the morning?"

Every breast-feeding mother can confidently say, "I've seen one, two, three, four o'clock in the morning, outside my bedroom window." Like Zhang Xinyi, time is a magic spell that no one can escape.

"three hours" is probably the limit of that spell.

The baby needs to breast-feed every three hours, and every three hours our breast milk producer will remind us that it's time to breast-feed!

Before the first year of the child's life, my greatest wish is to be able to sleep for more than three hours. Under Zhang Xinyi's microblog,

, my husband Yuan Hong commented that he hated that he could not produce milk.

and most of our pillow-side people are sleeping dimly or moving to other rooms for fear of affecting their children. How many times do we wake up in crying and fall into despair with great distress;

How many times do we face the dark room and the babies that are waiting for food, helpless to the utmost;

How many times do we dream back at midnight and think that we are fighting alone and on the verge of collapse?

wife Tucao himself has always sat until dawn to feed, three or four times a night,

breast milk mothers need most, not "you should", not even "you are great."

< p> < strong> but, "Come here, I'll hold you". People who have not had a child may feel the pain of having a child, that is, the period of childbirth.

But the fact is that from pregnancy to the year after the birth of a child, they are the darkest moments in their lives.

Because of postpartum hormone changes, they are sensitive, fragile and emotionally unstable (equivalent to up to a year, every day to the aunt).

< p> They feel that they have gained tens of kilograms and many stretch marks on their bodies, and they are very nauseous;

< p> while the people around them do not care about their feelings and pay attention to their children;

< p> < strong> What is more painful is that the pain of breastfeeding is more than 10 times more painful than the pain of having a child.

A friend said after giving birth that the fracture was so painful that I didn't cry.

When the lactating teacher opened my milk, my tears ran down like a tap. The pain of giving birth to a child is like grinding meat with a blunt knife, grinding it with one knife at a time, hoping to cut it off from you. The pain of lactation is like cutting the most vulnerable part of you with a blunt knife. Every knife is just right. It makes you live better than die. It also ensures that you don't "cut bad".

Friends said that when opening the milk, the four words "late execution" kept appearing in her mind, that kind of painful pain.

You can imagine the source of pain by yourself:

The lactating therapist ravages not only your body, but also your soul.

This is not the end, but the beginning of countless pains.

Most of you don't know that when a child sucks, he will get nipple injuries.

will tear, bleed and scab! In general, when a wound is torn, give it time to heal slowly (

), but it needs to be fed every two or three hours. That is to say, your wound has not yet healed, and then force the scab on your wound to grow again. < p > < p > is equivalent to tearing repeatedly on the same wound.

That's not to mention, there are nipple chaps, breast plugging, nipple biting after long teeth...

is no different from the bear biting the hero in the movie!

indifferent pain

even more abhorrent is that breasts in front of our chest have brought us infinite pain, and we still need to make it our ancestor. The bomb in front of

chest can not be knocked or touched.

< p> After all, the blockade is inflamed, pain and weakness, but also continue to breast-feed.

A few days ago, a little girl who had no child said, "I'm afraid of pain and I cry when I stick a needle."

I smiled silently: "I envy you crying when you are pricked with a needle. We have long been tormented by pain and forgotten the pain." Who is afraid of pain for a woman who has given birth and breastfed?

A mother in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, sometimes works half the way, and has to feed her baby in the corner: Visual China

lactation is a magical thing. It symbolizes the power of maternal love and the mission of motherhood. After production, whether relatives or friends come to visit us, the first three sentences must be:

Cesarean section? Did you milk

? Is milk enough?

Even if someone gives a gift and makes a good "gourmet meal", it is also for the purpose of breast-feeding.

Everything revolves around "milk", everything revolves around children.

< p> < strong> But who can remember that we were mothers and were children too!

Every mother's heart, when she was 18 years old, wanted to cry and laugh.

But these are the cries of the mother's heart, which others will not take into account. More and more people pay attention to the quality of milk and the amount of children's food.

Slowly, we forget our fragility.

Guangzhou 19 mothers breast-feeding flash at 450 meters altitude, appealing to the public to pay attention to the source of breast-feeding: visual China

when a mother must become superman, no salt taste of crucian carp soup, pig hoof soup, rib soup, eating, what weight and taste are not as important as milk.

all know that the value of motherhood lies in the heart of breast-feeding, and who will understand it?

This kind of distress not only occurs when breast feeding, but also faces various controversies. Before the baby is one year old, everyone lets you breast-feed and complete the breast-feeding mission. After the baby is one year old, everyone says that you are irresponsible and that breast milk has no nutrition. Breast milk is on us, but we can't help it.

Others pay attention to our breast milk, but not ourselves.

< p >

< p > < p > < strong > breastfeeding, there are also unbearable "embarrassment". At one time, a mother in Guangzhou was hungry and crying in the subway. She had to breast-feed in public, but she was photographed and posted on the internet, which caused a heated debate about whether breast milk in public was shameless. Not long ago, a 34-year-old mother in Texas was breastfeeding in public and was asked by a man to "cover up".

is how to tangle, mother feeding should be, but also "shame".

Who doesn't know when a mother is hungry and crying, how to appease the child can't do. If we let our children cry in public, we are the parents of bears. In the crack of

, there is no place for mother.

Working mothers also have to face the problem of breast-feeding, any gap should take time to prepare rations for the baby.

Most units do not have mother and baby rooms, so toilets, unmanned conference rooms, warehouses, and even offices where male colleagues turn their backs are milking places.

< p> and sometimes the sour chest, wet embarrassment in front of clothes, can not be prevented.

Others have different eyes, let him go with the wind, after all, it is the most important thing for a baby to eat.

Zhejiang, a novice mother sometimes works half way and must stop feeding her children: Tencent video

lactating mother and freedom are insulators, and we must be bound to a baby who may be hungry at any time.

Wear clothes that are convenient for breast-feeding, dresses that you dare not think about; eat too much during breast-feeding, eat a little wrong, the baby may be allergic. < p > < p > Limited clothing, food, shelter and transportation, and difficult for working families. Who would have thought that every mother who walks with the wind and laughs with others, who looks so normal, has cried in the middle of the night countless times and collapsed countless times because of the problems caused by breast milk?

Nobody can be a mother casually, and breast-feeding mothers are tightly tied up with their children because of their "natural attributes".

Mother is not Superman in itself, but physical pain and mental torture, so that mother has to be a superman.

saw a public service advertisement. Mother stood in the community, looking at the location of her home, but did not want to go back.

"Back home, I'm no longer me" Source: Tencent Video

Home, in the distance, but she wants to escape.

But she can't escape. Family information urges over and over again:

Where are you and when will you come back? It's a pity that such urgent concern is not for her, but for feeding her children. Sometimes I want to escape, but I don't know where to go.

She sat on the swing and burst into tears.

"I also want to take a moment to be myself" Source: Tencent video

Shengmen director Chen Weijun said:

"Both say that fertility is a matter of two people, a matter of husbands and wives, not in fact. It's women who really face everything. The plight of mothers remained unchanged even though it was 2019.

Women in need of this society, need