Is there a small hole in the baby's ear? Careful care is harmful to health!

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Is there a small hole in the baby's ear? Careful care is harmful to health!

2019-04-01 11:25:23 743 ℃

Spring is bright and beautiful. Baoma Xuanxuan takes her baby to bask in the sunshine in the community atrium. It happens that several mothers in the community come with their children one after another, so everyone naturally talks.

"Huh? There's a small hole in your baby's ear!" One of the mothers suddenly and strangely talked to Xuan Xuan.

The other mothers heard this and surrounded it. Sure enough, there was a pinhole in the temple corner beside the baby's ear. Everyone looked at their own baby, but there was no such hole.

"What's the matter? Why does your baby have such a small hole? Everyone asked.

Xuan Xuan herself is confused: "I haven't paid much attention to it, as if a child had been born, I thought everyone was the same. But it has been nothing, no pain, no itching. It shouldn't matter.

Moms and Dads, did you find a similar hole near the baby's ear? As shown in the following picture. Do you know what's going on here? Do you know how it affects babies?

1. The scientific name of this "small hole" is "preauricular fistula"

The "hole" growing near the baby's ear is called preauricular fistula. Generally, there is a small hole at the junction of the auricle and face. Most of them are single ears, some are binaural, and sometimes secretions.

< p> Preauricular fistula is actually not completely degenerated "parotid". Babies in the amniotic fluid of their mother's stomach have gill tissue like fish. When fully developed, the gill will disappear and form auricle tissue. In some babies, the "gill" is not fully developed and eventually becomes a small hole, so there is a preauricular fistula.

Strictly speaking, preauricular fistula should be considered as a congenital deformity of the ear, which has obvious genetic tendency. One end of the "hole" is a visible opening to the naked eye, and the other end is a blind tube, with different depth and length. < p > < p > 2. Does pre-auricular fistula affect baby's health? Preauricular fistula is formed by residual obstruction during embryonic development. Most people with preauricular fistula do not feel any discomfort at ordinary times, has no effect on hearing in short, there is no need for treatment without symptoms. If inflammation occurs, attention should be paid to timely treatment. Acute inflammation of anterior auricular fistula can not only cause pain, but also emit unpleasant odor and secrete fluid. If there is an abscess, surgical incision and drainage should be carried out in the hospital.

< p> and since the fistula is inflamed once, it is likely to recur in the future. When the inflammation is controlled, doctors generally recommend fistulectomy.

3. Babies have preauricular fistula. How to care for it and avoid inflammation?

< p > 1. Never squeeze or scratch with your hands

< p > Normally, don't let your baby massage it, so as not to bring bacteria into the fistula and cause infection. < p > < p > < p > The small hole connects the inner part of the outer ear. Without infection, because the metabolism will also produce a small amount of stinky white secretion, as long as the child does not feel uncomfortable, dip it in iodine liquor with a clean cotton swab and gently handle it. Avoid squeezing it by hand.

p>2. Clean baby's ears correctly

p>Keep clean near the hole. Usually also pay attention to keeping ears dry. After bathing or swimming, gently dry them with a dry cotton swab. As long as there is no infection, swimming and bathing are not affected. However, once an infection has occurred, the probability of repeated infection is high, so the infected site should be as little as possible to touch water.

3. If there is any abnormality, go to the hospital immediately

If the secretion from the small hole in the ear is more than usual, red and swollen, or the baby grabs the ear more inexplicably, parents should never handle it by themselves, and see a doctor in time! Bacterial infection is fast, the sooner you go to the hospital, the better, and control the inflammation as soon as possible.

Anyway, there really is a hole in the baby's ear, and don't be too anxious, as long as the care is proper, most people will not feel uncomfortable. Conversely, if we do not pay attention to or do not know the correct treatment and care, it may cause harm to the baby. So it's really important for parents to learn more about parenting. What do you think about today's topic? Welcome to comment ~If Baomabao Dad has any other topics to learn, you can tell us. It's not easy to write. Please leave me some comments and forward them. Thank you, Doctor Raindrop. (Pictures are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us to delete them.)