Sweet potatoes are good for babies. Have you eaten them for babies?

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Sweet potatoes are good for babies. Have you eaten them for babies?

2019-04-01 11:25:29 616 ℃

Sweet potato is rich in dietary fiber, carotene, vitamin A, B, C, E and potassium, iron, copper, selenium, calcium, etc. It has high nutritional value and is the champion of the "Top Ten Best Vegetables" selected by the World Health Organization.

Dietary fiber can stimulate intestinal tract, enhance peristalsis, defecate and detoxify, help babies digest better, when the baby's stool is dry, parents may as well make some sweet potato supplementary food for babies, which can play a laxative effect.

In addition, sweet potato contains abundant vitamins which are helpful to the physical development of babies, such as vitamin C which can maintain the normal functions of babies'teeth, bones, blood vessels and muscles, promote the absorption of calcium and iron, and enhance the immunity of babies.

Today, Xiaoguo Mother brought three complementary foods made of sweet potatoes, which are innovative, tasty and nutritious. Don't miss them.

cheese sweet potato soup

Although milk loses some water-soluble vitamins after heating, it has no effect on calcium diet. <

more than 9 months



src===p > Production method:

1. Peel 200 grams of sweet potatoes and cut them into hobs. < p > < p > 2. Rub the cheese into filaments with a wiper. < p > < p > 3. Cut a thin slice of onion, then change knife to chop onion into pieces. < p > < p > 4. First put onions, oats, sweet potatoes and cheese into the wall breaker. < p > < p > 5. Pour 240 grams of brewed milk powder into it and add 200 grams of clear water. < p > < p > 6. Cover the cover of the wall breaker and select the function of coarse grain paste.

7, start the wall breaker, this process can be about 30 minutes, the end of the program can be served to the table, to eat the baby.


sweet potato doughnut biscuit

This complementary food does not need fermentation and hair beating. Don't worry if you don't have an oven, pan can also be a success! <<

more than 10 months



src=""/1ydzximg="""/1ydzximg/0Lydzximg/0LcXTXTXd9M1" //<0LcXXMethod of production:

1. Peel sweet potatoes, slice them and steam them in a steaming pot for 15-20 minutes. Steam the sweet potatoes thoroughly. < p > < p > 2. Sieve the sweet potato paste and crush it into mud. < p > < p > 3. Add baby iron rice powder to sweet potato paste. < p > < p > 4, then add mushroom and shrimp skin powder, then add 2 eggs, mix all ingredients evenly, make a sticky paste. < p > < p > 5. Open the mounting bag with a cup and pour the egg paste into it.

6. Spread baking paper on the baking tray, cut a small opening about 1 cm in the mounting bag, and extrude a small circle. < p > < p > 7, put in the oven, 180 degrees above and below the tube, bake for 10 minutes, cook thoroughly shaping can come out of the pot. < p > < p > 8. When there is no oven, you can use a pan, without oil brushing, directly squeeze into a small circle, open the smallest fire, slowly bake, remember to turn over after shaping to ensure thorough ripening. If it is on open fire, it is recommended that the pot be turned off after it is heated and baked at an afterheat. <<<<





sweet potato Mousse chickcake<>

This complementary oatmDon't worry about babies eating too much sweets. <

more than 12 months





1. Peel sweet potatoes, slice them into thin slices, put them in a steaming pot, steam for 15-20 minutes, and cook the sweet potatoes. 。 < p > < p > 2. Put butter in a small bowl to separate hot water and melt the butter. < p > < p > 3. Add 25 grams of butter to ready-to-eat oats and stir them evenly with chopsticks. Spread a layer of baking paper on the baking tray, lay the moist ready-to-eat oats on the bottom, and compact them with a spoon.

5. Steamed sweet potatoes are filtered through a screen. Milk is added to the mashed potatoes (milk can be used instead of milk powder for babies who have not yet drunk milk)

6. Then a little sugar is added. The yolk is added to the pot. The remaining 5 grams of butter are mixed and stirred evenly. < p > < p > 7. Spread sweet potato paste on oats, spread it with a spoon, take an egg yolk and brush it with yolk liquid, so that the surface of the cake will be yellow. < p > < p > 8. Bake in oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes. Remove and cool slightly. Refrigerate for 30 minutes to form. < p > < p > < p > < img SRC = "/ 1ydzximg / 0LcXTXfqYq" / > < p > < p > < p > < p > < SVG > < / SVG > < / P > < p > < SVG > < / SVG > < / P > < p > Pay attention to one point of small fruit mothers: daily supplementary food, will continue to push supplementary recipes and supplementary food items for your mothers.

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