It's terrible that the urine we use for our children is not wet and the children can urinate when they stand.

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It's terrible that the urine we use for our children is not wet and the children can urinate when they stand.

2019-04-01 11:25:34 581 ℃

My family uses diapers in Dabao Moon, diapers in the daytime and diapers in the evening after the full moon, diapers in the night at the age of two and a half, diapers in the daytime and diapers in the night. Now she is giving up diapers for her. She wants to use diapers in the night. In February, diapers are used for half a month, but it can't be washed by rain. From then on to now, diapers in the daytime and evening. Today's topic:

: What do you think of people who do not let their children use wet urine?

See what the netizens say:

netizens: Can I say the last regret is that the child used diapers when he was young? Wet urine in the evening did not cry, so wet to sleep in the urinary socket. During the day, take time to wash diapers and suspect life (mother-in-law washes in the month, people do not care after the month), tired waist pain, until now, the waist is not good. So now give sincere advice to all friends who are going to be mothers: no wet urine, change frequently, spend a little money, less suffering, no mistake. When it comes to activities, it's not expensive to set up more villages. You will find that it saves a lot of work and effort.

netizens: What time has it been? Every day, it's not good to say that it's not wet to urinate, and it's not good to urinate. In the past, wet urine was not invented, wet urine is the product of the progress of the times. I went back to my hometown in the countryside, and a lot of old people said I was lazy. Then I went back directly. Yeah, I was not in the mood to urinate my baby and wash his pants. I was not tired. Then they had nothing to say.

netizens : Nothing. Every one takes what he needs, feels expensive or disadvantageous. Others are all advantages and disadvantageous, and then there is no other. My friend gave birth to a baby. I said that if he used it at night, the baby could sleep well and the adults could sleep well. What people said, I didn't need it. I pulled my urine and threw my mother to the floor to wash it. Well, well, I agree with you so much that you can continue to use...

netizens: wash diapers for two children, the husband washed it twice, the mother-in-law washed it once or only in the month, the rest of the month was the mother-in-law washed, after the mother left, they washed themselves, the two children were too close to each other, and every day they washed doubtful life. This summer wear wet urine and fear to cover the children, people always say that children are the first, adults tired afraid of something. I'm going. Why don't you wash it once? She can only pretend to be a mother-in-law.

今日话题:< B > < b > What do you think about people who don't let their children urinate wet?

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