Does the second child want a boy or a girl? Netizen: You can see the answer when you go to kindergarten.

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Does the second child want a boy or a girl? Netizen: You can see the answer when you go to kindergarten.

2019-04-07 08:03:15 1067 ℃

With the liberalization of the second child policy, more and more people are choosing to have a second child. When they had a second child, everyone thought so. It sounded interesting to listen.

We did a research on the topic: Do second babies want boys or girls?

Let's see what the netizens said:

@As before: My eldest daughter's postdoctoral exam score is 888 this year. From the head teacher of the small class, the chairman of the student union and the eldest daughter's housework, I can scold eight times a day. That anger is indescribable. The youngest daughter does housework promptly and cleanly. As long as I go to arrange what is sure to make me satisfied, I am also worried. How will my daughter get along with her mother-in-law in the future? I told my eldest daughter: You can make your mother angry and half dead, and it is estimated that your mother-in-law will not live for a few days, which really worries me. Alas...

@Brother Liangshui: I have a daughter who is three and a half years old. My wife was pregnant a year ago. She was worried about a boy. She was worried about whether he was worried or not. She thought that if he was a boy, she would really have to find ways to earn money. With her current income, she had no bottom in her heart. House, marriage and daughter-in-law, old age to help him take children, in case of poor education, and then a white-eyed wolf, think about it can not be. Later, she was checked out as a daughter. She ate a big meal at the restaurant that day. After months of worrying, she was more comfortable and worried about a ball.

@Sister Chuan: My brother and sister-in-law are over thirty and have no children. My parents just want to raise a child quickly, regardless of his boys and girls, but it's better to have a broken cat. When my daughter-in-law gets pregnant, she says, "Look at men and women." Needless to see, it's better than your brother's broken cat. Now the baby is more than one year old, think about it, it is estimated that your brother and your sister-in-law can not be pregnant, or we give the picture to your brother, we regenerate one, there is no harm without comparison. For both men and women, it's good for my parents to be a child and my grandchildren. < p > < p > < b > @Ping Shui Meet < / b > Seven Daughters that I have seen once. My father was hospitalized two years ago and I spent a week alone. Next to him was an old man of about seventy. There were never less than three people beside the bed. More than a dozen people come to visit every day. [Cover your face] [Cover your face] He's seven daughters. He's called the Seven Fairies, and he doesn't change for seven sons.


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