Do you envy others only with your daughter? Twenty years later, the second-born son said the truth.

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Do you envy others only with your daughter? Twenty years later, the second-born son said the truth.

2019-04-07 08:03:18 729 ℃

In the past, men were more important than women. Many families had to have sons. Some even kept on having children in order to have sons. Now although the concept has changed a lot, more and more people like their daughters, but still some people say that sons are like nuclear weapons, not necessarily used, but must have. Have you ever asked yourself if you would regret 20 years without a son? Do you envy others?

According to many women who are mothers, men always dress up, and in the end they like their sons to want their sons. The mother of the first-born daughter and the second-born child said:

@Daxie cerebellar palace: The first-born daughter, when she was pregnant with the second child, always told me that if she were a daughter, he liked her best. Born a son, my God, he was so excited that he stayed up all night. He was a man who fell asleep and snored. He was talking to himself. He never thought he would have a son in his life. At that moment, I really understood the man who had a wrong mouth. He was so good at pretending that I almost thought he really wanted his daughter.

@Ugly Meow: In fact, men are the same, the crows are generally black. My husband always dotes on his daughter to tell me that he doesn't value boys more than girls. Well, just after the doctor came out and gave birth to a son, he called his friends to have dinner.

@Zero water: He was afraid to say that you wanted a son but had a daughter to make you sad, my first daughter, my husband said a daughter is very good, we can play more time in the future. Later, I was pregnant accidentally. The doctor told me that I would buy another house. I didn't tell him anything. Later, when he knew it was his son, he called and said that you would never say anything. I could hear it was exciting, but when my son was born, he left it alone. Still holding his daughter every day, he said that if he had a son, his daughter would feel more pain.

Only two daughters said:

@Rabbit Myna's smile: Our village has two daughters, all married, daughter-in-law are willing to support them, the eldest daughter's son was born three days, the mother-in-law hosted a banquet, and also invited a lion dance team. After the banquet, the old man on the way home said that if I had a grandson, it would be more lively. The old lady listened, tears streaming down her eyes. < p > < p > @Baozi dumpling noodles fried soybean milk: I don't know what other sons are like. I only know that my sick daughter accompanies me to the hospital. All the other daughters are "Daddy, you sit down and rest, I'll do it". My two daughters, I only heard people envy me, and I never envied anyone who gave birth to a son.

@Alpine Water: As a man, I said that the first daughter, the second child 100% want a son, the first child is a son, the second child 70% want a daughter, the lack of these three will is that the daughter grew up too worried, go out to fear that, the son will be different, as long as they do not commit crimes, do not lose their lives, be cheated by money, be beaten whatever, whatever. If he goes, the man will bear it, and the daughter will have a sharp heart.

In fact, these are just some people's opinions. There are also Bao Da who said that it would be better to bring up the children with heart than to expect them to provide for the aged. No one is richer than himself. It's my lifelong pursuit not to cause trouble to my parents and children, as long as I don't leave regrets or be scolded on that day for a hundred years.

It was said that when a son was born, he was happy, and the rest of the time was unhappy. It's sad to have a daughter when she was born, but happy the rest of the time.

In fact, sons or daughters are destined to be their own babies, aren't they? The most important thing is to cultivate, educate and make our children happy. As for old age, what is worse than having a good body ~

do you think? Would it be a pity that no son is old?