The deformity of a 2-year-old baby's foot is due to her mother's action. Many parents are making the same mistake.

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The deformity of a 2-year-old baby's foot is due to her mother's action. Many parents are making the same mistake.

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These days can sadden a mother in our editorial department! More and more, she finds that the child's walking posture is not right. When she walks, the "eight-character" and "foot inversion" are very serious. She also walks like a duckling.

That's not true. We usually make programs with many pediatricians and experts. She is also a consultant expert and takes her son to the hospital to take pictures. I'm afraid it's because of the children's feet development problems. Doctors interviewed before

said that there are especially many children with developmental problems in feet and legs. A couple of days ago, I just received a 2-year-old "long and short legs" child.

Later, the doctor checked the shoes the child usually wore and found out the problem. Originally, children's shoes are too soft, children can't express, originally children have foot problems, and now the problem is becoming more and more serious. Further examination revealed that not only the feet and legs, but also the child's spine had problems.

Doctor said that besides shoes, there are also some factors that have a serious impact on the development of children's feet. For example:

In order to be fashionable and beautiful, children are always wearing "net red shoes"

hole shoes, flash shoes, snow shoes

when shopping shoes for children online, the measurement errors are

when buying shoes for children online,

when buying shoes for children are too big or too small

always takes the baby's hand to walk

like to give children online shopping shoes. Wear tight pants and pantyhose

< p> < strong> When it's cold, love to wear thick socks

< p> < strong>... < strong > < / P > < p > less than 3 years old is the key period of children's foot development. Whether the wrong shoes are chosen or some common sense mistakes of parents may lead to the deformation of children's feet and legs. The following are the mistakes that parents are making. Be careful! <






<1<>>Some days

and respectively. Wear a size of shoes for your child

< strong> or if they are too small to be replaced in time

Old people at home will always say that if the child grows fast, the shoes will have to be big one, the child will wear loose and comfortable, and can wear more days without wasting. Or some careless mothers, baby feet grow fast, shoes are small do not know.

Wearing a large size of shoes will easily fall down, sprain, develop the habit of walking procrastination

shoes are too big to wrap and protect the baby's feet. Small feet shake around inside, walking is easy to fall down and sprain.

< p> Mother can feel the feeling of walking in big shoes by herself. Her toes will catch the shoes unconsciously, and if she can't walk a few steps, her feet will be sour. Children's foot muscle strength is weak, especially. In addition < strong > wearing big shoes, easy to walk procrastination, forefoot not leaving the ground, develop bad walking habits of children , it is difficult to correct in the future. Wearing small shoes can cause high arched feet, nail injuries, hallux valgus

If the baby's shoes are too small to be replaced in time, it will affect the blood circulation of the baby's feet, or cause the baby to become high arched feet, and may also lead to nail injuries and even hallux valgus.

shoe must wear appropriate size, standing to measure the foot length is the most accurate

Some mothers will take advantage of the baby sleeping, measuring the foot length, in fact, this is inaccurate. When the baby is standing, the length of the foot after loading is different from that of lying down and relaxing.

Especially mothers who buy shoes on Habitual Net should pay attention to it. Different brands of shoes, the number may also be errors, and the baby's feet grow fast, can not rely on intuition and memory to choose the children's code, must be measured for the child's feet before each purchase. The specific measurement method is as follows: < p> < strong> Let the baby stand, step barefoot on a piece of paper, mark the position of both ends of the foot, and then measure the exact size with a ruler.

When a child tries on a shoe, the toe reaches the toe of the shoe, and we extend the index finger to the heel. If there is room for one finger (about 1.2cm), then the shoe is suitable.


too soft shoes

hole shoes, snow boots, caterpillar shoes

can not effectively support and protect children's feet and ankles:

caterpillar shoes (not recommended for children under 2 years of age) many parents feel that they are very soft. Soft and comfortable, but < strong > over-warped toes will keep the baby's delicate little feet warped all the time, so that the baby's forefoot (the front fulcrum of the arch) is always stressed, affecting the development of the arch of the baby's foot.

Caterpillar shoes are mostly "one-foot pedals". There is no elastic fastening or bandage to adjust. There is no way to fit all the baby's feet. Thin feet will "click" inside, and fat feet may press the surface of the feet.

snow boots is a necessary winter boot in northern China, but flat sole, wide and soft toe, and unsupported rear upper are not suitable for developing babies .

If you need to wear snow boots, you can minimize the wearing time, such as on the way to kindergarten, to kindergarten or indoor, change other shoes.

Cave Shoes was once popular all over the world, comfortable and soft, not afraid of water, and easy to wear off. But these shoes are not suitable for babies under 5 years old. < p > < p > < strong > 90% of the hollow shoes are not qualified. authentic hollow shoes are made of resin and natural rubber at a price of hundreds of thousands. The < strong > Shanzhai version of Dongdong shoes, mostly made of low-cost plastic, may contain many carcinogens such as chromium, cadmium, lead , seriously endangering the health of babies.

is too loose to support the baby's feet , which is not conducive to growth and development, but also prone to foot varus or valgus deformity.

is particularly vulnerable to jam by the escalator, resulting in danger . When children run and jump in these sandals, their bodies are difficult to maintain balance and they are easy to stumble and fall down and get injured. Especially when riding an escalator, it is easy to be caught by the "teeth" of the elevator and cause accidents. In July 2012, a 2-year-old boy was stuck by an escalator and his leg was broken. In August 2014, a 4-year-old girl's left foot was involved by an elevator when she was riding an escalator. The Fire Department said that the main culprit of the accident was probably the hole shoes.

(Beijing) In August 2015, a boy wearing "Dongdong Shoes" was bitten by the escalator of the New East Suburb Mall in Chaoyang District, Beijing, and his foot was injured.

< section>
< section> < section> < section> < section> < section> < section> < p > < section> < 3

< section> < section > < p > < strong > shoes that distract children from walking

< p > < strong > < shouting shoes, flashing shoes

< p > Every toddler should wear so many pairs of shoes that can sound and flash However, both shoes are not good for the baby's health.

Calling Shoes - Many mothers find calling shoes fun and attractive for their babies to walk. But this kind of shoes:

is easy to form the wrong walking habits of the baby. Sound devices called shoes are usually at the heel of the shoes, which < strong > urges the baby to walk with the heel firmly . Normally, it should have landed on the sole of the foot to cushion the impact on the brain. Especially when one shoe is silent in the calling shoe, it is easy for the child to have a light foot and a heavy foot, which causes the child to limp for a long time.

< p> < strong> harsh calls are easy to affect the baby's hearing . Pediatricians say that babies exposed to more than 85 decibels for a long time may affect their hearing. Babies are small, and their ears are much closer to their shoes than adults. Adults don't sound so loud. It may be very harsh when it comes to their ears.

flash shoes These shoes look beautiful and cool, shining while walking, and mothers feel that babies will like them. But this kind of shoe:

lets the baby walk distractedly, easy to fall . Babies are usually not immune to gorgeous lighting effects. While walking and looking down at shoes, it is easy to overlook the surrounding road conditions, collision, fall and danger. < p > < p > < strong > blinking light affects baby's vision < / strong >. Baby's vision development is not perfect, especially at night, always staring at flashing, bright shoe lights, it is easy to damage the baby's vision, or develop a bad habit of frequent blinking.

shoes are shoes, not toys, a pair of shoes that can support and protect the baby's footsteps is good shoes, don't be so fancy. < p >< section > < section > < section > < section > < p > 4 < / P > < / section > < / section > < / section > < / section > < / section > < p > < strong > used shoes < / strong > < / P > < p > < strong > bad walking posture can be "infectious"< / strong > < p > < p > Babies grow fast, clothes, shoes and socks update quickly, often a pair of small shoes can not be worn for less than two months, and it is also a waste to put them on. So some mothers will accept old shoes worn by relatives, friends and babies, or let younger brothers and sisters wear old shoes of older brothers and sisters. However, many mothers do not know that second-hand shoes should never be worn for babies! The soles and insoles of used shoes wear badly

, which will affect the development of the foot arch of the baby, or change the walking posture of the baby, and even play an opposite or bad role in protecting the brain and spinal cord of the child.

Each baby's walking habits are different, which will lead to different stress on shoes, and the wear degree of soles will also be different. In addition, the shape of each baby's feet is different, wearing for a long time, shoes will be deformed with the baby's feet. Babies wear second-hand shoes, not only will feel uncomfortable, but also the previous baby's foot development problems will affect your baby < strong >. If the last shoe-wearing baby has a "outer eight" character, and the heel side is worn badly, then your baby will probably wear the shoes into a "outer eight" character. It's contagious!


How to choose children's shoes?

Five-step shoe selection

< strong> fold

< p> fold the sole in half, and the bending place of the sole should be in front of the sole.