The missing female doctor suddenly appeared in a trance. The father of the baby boy found a contract in his luggage.

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The missing female doctor suddenly appeared in a trance. The father of the baby boy found a contract in his luggage.

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The female doctor who had taught in a university suddenly disappeared

Xiaofang (pseudonym) born in Chongqing was a doctor. After graduation, she worked as a lecturer in a university in Jiangxi. Xiaofang has always been the pride of her parents for her superior grades since childhood. Lao Yang once thought about the criteria for her daughter to choose her son-in-law. Lao Yang felt that as long as the character of the other party was good, it would be good for her daughter and her educational background was not important. One day, Xiaofang's school called to say that Xiaofang had resigned. Lao Yang immediately called his daughter after receiving the phone call from the school. After the phone was connected, Xiaofang just laughed and did not make a sound. Then the telephone was disconnected.

When Lao Yang arrived in Jiangxi on the same day, Xiao Fang's telephone had been unable to get through and her house in Jiangxi had been sold by her. People who know Xiaofang in school say Xiaofang is very popular. Every time Xiaofang takes a class, the classroom is full of students.

Lao Yang then went to the police station to report the case, went home to collect some money, Lao Yang began to go around looking for half a year, but unfortunately there has been no news of Xiao Fang. In Lao Yang's despair, the police station called and said that someone found a strange woman in the public toilet. She often took a bath in the public toilet. The cleaner asked her where she lived, and she could not tell.

This woman has been sitting beside the flower bed after her bath, staring at passers-by without expression. Everyone thought she was not right and then called the police. After verification, the police initially identified this as Lao Yang's missing daughter.

Lao Yang rushed to the scene to see the confused and insane woman in front of him was his daughter Xiaofang. At the moment, she burst into tears, and her daughter did not look like a doctor at all. What makes Lao Yang sad is that Xiao Fang doesn't even know herself. Xiaofang's condition was not very optimistic. With the help of good people, Xiaofang was sent to the hospital. The doctor diagnosed that Xiaofang suffered from schizophrenia. What was more surprising to everyone was that Xiaofang was pregnant and was about to give birth in a month. Xiao Fang doesn't even know her father now, which is hard for Lao Yang to accept. Before her disappearance, Xiaofang was still single and happy. What exactly did Xiaofang experience? Who is the father of the child? No matter how Lao Yang asks Xiao Fang, Xiao Fang does not open her mouth.

Lao Yang sent Xiaofang to Chongqing Hospital for treatment. One month later, Xiaofang gave birth to a boy. Lao Yang held his grandson trembling in his hands. I wondered whether it was good to be happy or sad. He was so old that he could hold his grandson. But what sadly happened to his daughter in the future? Lao Yang grew white all night. Watching his daughter become like this, the old father choked whenever he talked about it.

The mysterious disappearance of female university teachers

Lao Yang said with great self-reproach: "I always focus on her study, and seldom teach her how to get along with and communicate with others."

Lao Yang said that because of working reasons and his wife get together more and less, until the age of 36, he had his daughter Xiaofang.

"She was the pride of our life." Lao Yang said that her daughter used to be smart and beautiful, and she had a good memory. She could recite a text after reading it twice or three times. In 1996, Xiaofang was admitted to a Medical University in Sichuan Province with excellent results. After completing her undergraduate and master's degree, she was escorted by the university to pursue her doctoral degree. At that time, Lao Yang's wife died in a car accident. Lao Yang never remarried and supported her daughter's further education with his meager pension.

In July 2007, after graduation, Dr. Xiaofang was introduced as a key talent in Jiangxi and taught in a university in Jiangxi. When she was a doctor and a university teacher, she won many awards for her academic papers. When Xiaofang's career was successful, she suddenly disappeared. Xiao Fang's school told Lao Yang that Xiao Fang could not do it at the beginning of her school, but gradually revealed her unwilling thoughts. After she handed over her resignation letter to the personnel department, she left the school without any explanation, even without job handover. Since then, she has never been able to contact her again, and the school has been looking for her.

Daughters live like children's fathers who blame themselves for neglecting education

Lao Yang said Xiao Fang is smart and competent, but in life, some things are still like children, not very good at dealing with people." Speaking of his daughter, Lao Yang fell into deep self-blame.

Lao Yang said that he and his wife had always been strict with their daughters, and their daughters had always focused on their studies. From high school to college, they were "deaf to the outside world". After her wife died, he suddenly realized that her daughter was nearly 30 years old and had never had a boyfriend.

Later, Lao Yang introduced four or five good boys to his daughter through relatives and friends. Xiao Fang also cooperated with her. Every one went to see her, but she could not get along with each other within two months, either because she did not have career ambition or because her education was too low and there was a generation gap. One day in March 2005, Bufang told him that he had made a boyfriend, Deng Mou, a project manager of a Sichuan machinery company, and also a doctor.

However, one day when Dr. Xiaofang was about to graduate, Xiaofang came home to Lao Yang Huai and burst into tears. She said that Deng had cheated her for two years, and now she was told that he had a wife and a wife. She said that it was "tired" to fall in love, and she would no longer be in love and would not consider marriage. Only then did he see the failure of his education, and his daughter had become a "nerd" who was difficult to integrate with real life.

How can you get pregnant? Shortly after the birth of the baby, Lao Yang took his daughter and grandson home. When Lao Yang took Xiao Fang home, he found a contract about test-tube baby while helping Xiao Fang pack his suitcase.

Talked to Xiaofang when the doctor confirmed that she was awake. In Yang Guo's traveling box, Lao Yang found his daughter's cell phone, diary and so on, which restored Xiao Fang's life of missing for one year.

Originally, Xiaofang entered a Ph.D. group after she taught in a university in Jiangxi in 2007. Most of them were female Ph.D. students with high academic qualifications. Apart from academic exchanges, most of them talked about emotional topics. Many group friends introduce their experience to the new group of friends in the past: there are few good men nowadays, many of them are low-grade people (low education, low personality, low salary), so it is better to take children with themselves.

One day in June 2012, a group of friends of Dr. Li Group sent a website in the group, which is the website of a reproductive service company in Shenzhen, saying that it can provide in vitro baby service. Xiao Fang called the same day to consult, and then went to Shenzhen for an inspection. Shortly afterwards, Xiao Fang sold the house and cut off contact with everyone.

also found a special contract in Xiaofang's suitcase, thus clarifying the history of Yang Guo's pregnancy. Originally, on October 9, 2012, Xiaofang and a reproductive service company in Shenzhen signed the Agreement on Assisted Reproductive Medical Consulting Services, which provides a series of things such as consultation, contract signing, medical treatment and living arrangements for Assisted Reproductive Medical Services in Thailand. Xiaofang paid 140,000 yuan to the service company. The agreement includes details of the agency's package for Xiaofang's in-vitro baby service in Thailand. Under the arrangement of this institution, Xiaofang went to Thailand at the end of November and made artificial insemination in a Thai hospital to confirm that she would return home after pregnancy. How can

be insane? Xiao Fang said that when she returned home, she realized how difficult it was to be an unmarried mother. At first, she returned to Nanchang to get a permit. The local community refused to give Xiaofang a permit anyway. Later she secretly returned to Chongqing to find a way out, and finally the probable birth certificate was not obtained. In despair, she dared not go home, fearing that her father would object to her having the child. Later, she went to a hotel not far from home. Fearing that it would cost a lot of money to have a baby, she went to several pharmaceutical companies in Chongqing to apply for a job. Every time she succeeded, but she was dismissed because of her severe pregnancy reaction.

According to Xiaofang, Xiaofang's life is very irregular due to lack of family care, and there are also signs of abortion during pregnancy. When she left school, the medical insurance didn't take anything away, and she didn't want to go back to fetch it with a big stomach, so she stayed in an expensive private hospital for child protection. A month later, her savings were almost exhausted.

The economic and psychological pressure was so great that she finally collapsed. Xiao Fang, who was mentally disturbed, became a street girl. In her suitcase, Lao Yang found a contract for artificial insemination in Thailand, the hotel invoice for her first stay, several temporary work permits and chest cards for her job, and the medication ticket for fetal protection in the hospital.

"She has been wandering in Chongqing for half a year, and her home has not been returned near here." Speaking of these, Lao Yang couldn't help crying: "This silly boy, you don't believe other men, how can you not believe his father?"

reminds other parents to pay attention to their children's growth, and guide them in the process of their children's growth, including facing all kinds of setbacks correctly.

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