Is the child your private property? Parents with high EQ need to understand three points

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Is the child your private property? Parents with high EQ need to understand three points

2019-04-25 21:30:33 1139 ℃

A picture of a girl in an iron cage on the Internet has once again brought the issue of parent-child education to a climax. Father like

is extremely ignorant and terrible!

They are flesh-and-blood, thought-and-soul life, and each child is an independent individual!

I hope all parents can understand the following points:

<1, gnawing is as shameless as gnawing old

In order to complete the actors'dream of young age, after the death of the father of the child, the mother sacrificed everything to tap the girl's talent for acting, she put the girl on the road of acting, and she became a poster for the child herself. A nanny and a broker.

As girls become more and more famous, mothers intensify their efforts to take advertisements for their children, make movies, and even interrupt their children's studies so that they can concentrate on making money.

Using children to make money is not only a failure of parents, but also a manifestation of selfishness of parents.

2. Your children are not your children in fact

Every parent and child are both intersecting and separated. We bring them to this world for a short time and teach them how to walk better. The independent relationship between parents and children: They are beside you, but they do not belong to you. You can shelter their bodies, but not their souls.

3, children are never exclusive parents, but independent individuals

excessive and meticulous "helicopter parents" will make children more dissatisfied with their family, life and less happy. They have higher depressive problems, lower resistance to frustration, and are more likely to be radical and extreme.

Many parents do not know how to let go, and in the name of "Hello for You", they fantasize about leaving their children around as conjoined infants.

Let the children choose their own way, do what they want to do and live the life they have thought about. They are their own masters.