How much weight does a woman lose after giving birth? The history of blood and tears in the past, you will know after reading it.

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How much weight does a woman lose after giving birth? The history of blood and tears in the past, you will know after reading it.

2019-04-25 21:30:33 848 ℃

Ten pregnant mothers, eight fat, and one on the way! Watermelon grapes are unlimited, not you fat who fat?

The weather is getting warmer and warmer, not to mention the pregnant mother, even I want to eat some fruit every day to refresh myself... But most of the reason why the pregnant mother gains weight in this season is that she eats too much fruit, so the pregnant mother who controls her weight needs refreshments. Do you really think that after giving birth, children will naturally be thin???

Listen to the words of people from the past, you will know that pregnant women do not listen to persuasion, two lines of tears after delivery ~

@Xiaoqingxin: I was 130 before delivery, 120 after discharge, 110 after discharge, and two kilograms after half a month, covering my face.

@Pomegranate hemp: 140 kg before pregnancy, 216 kg during childbirth, 206 kg after birth and 186 kg after birth. At present, breast milk is ready to lose weight after weaning.

@Listening to the sea crying: 115 kg two days before the birth of the baby, weighed 100 kg after the birth of the child, that is, only 15 kg per belly! Out of the moon 90 jin!

@Doodle: I was born 140 kilograms before pregnancy and a month ago. Now I am 170 kilograms. I'm afraid I won't be able to lose weight and my meat will grow on me.

For pregnant women, what kind of weight growth is healthy?

American Institute for single pregnancy, according to BMI (height and body mass index) = body weight (kg) / [height (meter) square] recommendations:

low-weight BMI before pregnancy < 18.5, the appropriate weight gain during pregnancy is 12.5-18 kg;

normal weight BMI before pregnancy (18.5-24.9), the appropriate weight gain during pregnancy is 11.5-16 kg;

pre-pregnancy overweight BMI (25-29.9), and the whole pregnancy weight gain is 11.5 kg. G is appropriate;

obesity BMI (> 30) before pregnancy and weight gain of 5-9 kg during pregnancy are appropriate.

If twins or multiple pregnancies occur, the recommended value of total weight gain is 16.7-24.3 kg for normal weight before pregnancy, 13.9-22.5 kg for overweight before pregnancy, and 11.3-18.9 kg for obesity before pregnancy.

Then suppose that the weight of the pregnant woman during pregnancy is about 12.5kg, and the weight of the fetus, amniotic fluid and placenta is removed at the time of giving birth, while the weight of the normal fetus is generally about 2.5-4kg, that is to say, most of the meat still grows on her body...

Think about whether so much meat is on herself or on her body, and the sitting month will continue. Continue to eat and continue to fill.... Although the mother is the most beautiful, but when on earth can restore the hot body before the birth of a baby?!

So, a pregnant mother still needs to "hold her mouth and open her legs". Think about it. Even with the best healthy weight gain, there is still so much meat left behind after the birth of a child. What's more, the barbaric growth of binge eating to make up for the hesse?

Proper nutrition supplementation during pregnancy is good for both mothers and babies. But I don't know if you have ever heard a passage about a pregnant mother and her mother going to the maternity examination, the doctor asked, accompanied by mother-in-law or mother-in-law ah? The pregnant woman said she was her mother, and the doctor said to her mother, "Let her eat less, or she will suffer when she is born." Do you understand

? Controlling diet, exercising moderately and keeping healthy weight gain are not only for your health and baby's health, but also for making delivery more smoothly. ~

How many kilograms did you gain during pregnancy? How many kilos did the baby lose after birth? Let's discuss some interesting things about meat in the comments section.~