Pregnancy food ban list, see how many you recruited!

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Pregnancy food ban list, see how many you recruited!

2019-04-25 21:30:36 755 ℃

When it comes to diet during pregnancy, some people will say that crabs, hawthorns and cockroaches have the possibility of inducing abortion and can not be eaten during pregnancy.

When it comes to diet during pregnancy, some people will say that crabs, hawthorns and longan cockroaches have the possibility of inducing abortion.

This can not be eaten that can not be eaten, pregnant mothers should be trembling and careful to eat a meal. In fact, there are so many taboos in

, but traditional Chinese medicine theory pays more attention to these dietary taboos, but western medicine pays more attention to balance, but not excessive.

Imagine that there are so many pregnant mothers in the world who don't know the dietary suitability of traditional Chinese medicine theory, and their babies don't have any problems.

Let me tell you the real dietary taboos during pregnancy!

< strong > 01 < strong > raw, undercooked meat

< p > During pregnancy, it is best to avoid eating raw, undercooked meat or poultry, such as undercooked steak, sushi, raw oysters and raw fish fillets, which may contain a large number of bacteria, viruses or parasites.

Especially Salmonella and Toxoplasma, eating these foods can increase the risk of diarrhea in pregnant mothers and even infection and abortion in babies. The immune system function of pregnant women during pregnancy is lower, so they are more susceptible to bacterial and viral infections in food, and the risk of disease is higher.

Although these pathogens may not directly affect the baby, the pathogens in these foods can easily cause severe vomiting and diarrhea, high fever and even dehydration.


02food with unclear, expired or unsanitary sources

roadside stall is the favorite of many office workers. In the morning, the most favorite thing is the pancake handclasp beside the bus stop, let alone roasting or hot roadside after work.

But although roadside stalls taste good, their safety is not guaranteed, and pregnant mothers are prone to diarrhea after eating.

Severe diarrhea can cause uterine contraction and abortion, especially when some bacterial infections occur, it will also affect the fetus, even lead to fetal death, so pregnant mothers must say no to roadside stalls!

These unsafe foods must be avoided:

1) try not to buy direct food or cooked food from street snacks or vendors without security.

< p> < strong > 2
spoilage, expiration, mildew, odor, stale food should not be eaten.

3 Milk, yogurt, edible oil and other foods should be purchased through regular channels as far as possible. Do not believe in the so-called "handmade". < p > < strong > 4 < / strong > Eat more common, safe and healthy food in life. Don't eat wild vegetables, poisonous mushrooms, raw yellow cauliflower, raw bean sprouts, raw bean sprouts and raw eggs that you don't know or know.

5 Fried, sweet, puffed, salty, heavy-tasting food, crustacean aquatic products and shellfish contaminated by heavy metals should not be eaten.

03 food which easily causes allergies

especially for pregnant women with allergic constitution, such as those who have been allergic to a certain food, then this food must not be eaten during pregnancy.

There are some foods which are easy to cause allergies, such as shellfish, seafood, cashew nuts, mango and so on;

If you haven't eaten these foods before pregnancy, then don't try new foods easily after pregnancy, because you don't know if you will have any serious allergic reactions.

The above three points are about dietary taboos. The common, safe, hygienic and healthy food in other life is edible.

Just pay attention to balance, but the amount is OK, such as pig liver at most once a week, not more than 50 grams at a time, fruit can be eaten every day, but the best is 250 grams.

Vegetable grains, meat, eggs and milk can be eaten within days, and fish and shrimp are best friends 3-4 times a week.

Don't eat too much and don't eat too much tonic at every meal.~