Did you receive these three signals during pregnancy? It shows that the baby is hungry.

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Did you receive these three signals during pregnancy? It shows that the baby is hungry.

2019-04-25 21:30:36 1361 ℃

After pregnancy, most pregnant mothers begin to supplement nutrients and worry that their lack of nutrients will affect fetal development. As a result, most mothers follow the doctor's and family's advice and make nutritional supplements. Even if the pregnancy is uncomfortable, the pregnant mother will be forced to eat. As a result, many pregnant women overweight and fetal overweight due to overnutrition in the latter part of pregnancy. This has caused many difficulties in the delivery of pregnant mothers.

If you eat less, your baby will be hungry, and your mother will be malnourished, so you have to increase the weight of yourself and your baby. 该怎么办? Many pregnant mothers may not know that their babies send signals to their mothers when they are hungry. Know this and try to avoid malnutrition in their babies and mothers.

Signal 1: Pregnant mothers feel hungry

Mothers provide nutrition for their babies to grow and develop in their mothers'stomachs. If a pregnant mother feels hungry, it means that the baby's nutritional resources are inadequate and the baby will be hungry. When her mother was hungry, she said the food in her stomach had been digested. It is necessary to replenish food in time this time. Otherwise, the mother's lack of nutrition will lead to the baby's lack of nutrition, affecting the normal growth and development of the baby.

Signal 2: Frequent fetal movements

When the pregnant mother is about 4 months pregnant, fetal movements begin to appear. With the increase of months, pregnant women will obviously feel that the fetal movement will become stronger and stronger, and the number of fetal movements will also increase. If the baby in the stomach is hungry, the mother's stomach will be uneasy, kicking the mother's stomach vigorously, the fetal movement is extremely intense. When we are hungry, we feel restless. Like us, babies of the fetus are insecure and have to communicate their ideas to their mothers through fetal movements. In particular, many pregnant mothers are "kicked" by those who are easily naughty in the middle of the night. At this time, the mother only needs to eat some food, which is likely to make the baby quiet. This explains why babies are really hungry.

Signal 3: Babies suddenly quiet

Generally speaking, babies will move regularly in the mother's abdomen. If a pregnant mother finds that the normal fetal movement suddenly becomes quiet and motionless, the baby is likely to be hungry. At this time, pregnant mothers must provide nutrition in time. Did you receive these three signals during pregnancy? If you receive instructions that your baby is hungry, the pregnant mother must replenish the food in time to avoid affecting the normal growth and development of the baby!