"What happened to my husband when I stabbed him? Who told him to forget to buy me chicken legs?"

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"What happened to my husband when I stabbed him? Who told him to forget to buy me chicken legs?"

2019-04-25 21:30:39 2269 ℃

Recently, the news about "chicken leg" has blown up various websites.

thought it was a passage, but it was a living family tragedy.

I believe you all saw the news:

A man was stabbed to death by his wife because of his chicken leg.


The story goes like this --

Wu's mother said that on April 13 night, Wu was out for dinner, and his wife Luo asked her husband to bring her chicken leg to eat.

To the surprise of the deceased, this "chicken leg" became a "killing leg".

Because they forgot to bring chicken legs, they began to quarrel when they came home. After

went downstairs, the contradiction was further intensified.

The quarrel turned into a tussle, but his wife Luo Mou was angry. She went home and picked up a fruit knife and stabbed her husband with a knife.

(pictures from the Internet, intrusion and deletion)

It is worth mentioning that the two married and have one child.

(pictures from the Internet, intrusion and deletion)

You know, this man always indulges and tolerates his wife blindly.

I drip day...

This has been fanned, and it can also be "as stable as a mountain in the wind and rain". This determination is really admirable for the five bodies falling into the ground...

Of course, it is this pampering that makes the wife's temper worse and worse.

Even if you eat in a normal occasion, you must take your wife with you. If you don't, you will have a quarrel when you come back.

At the end of March this year, the car at home was smashed by his wife.

Husband just said helplessly that if you smash it, you'll have to go on.

It is also said that the origin of this tragedy is partly due to the contradictions caused by supporting the elderly.

Earlier, the wife did not want to live with her mother-in-law, and discussed with her husband that she wanted her mother-in-law to live in the underground storage room.

The husband refused, and there was a heated dispute between them.

Finally, the husband did not compromise and the wife was always dissatisfied. The tragedy finally happened on the night of April 13, regardless of the reasons.

In fact, the most distressing thing about the whole thing is the two children.

< p> < strong> They witnessed the incident.

< p> < strong> saw a report that

< strong> lived in the environment of domestic violence for a long time, which had no effect on children, such as low temperature scald, which seemed nothing, and would affect children's life. What is behind the tragedy of


Domestic Violence.

Nowadays, domestic violence really does not discriminate between men and women.

These days, the announcer Sao Men and his wife divorced, and went on a hot search. Who is Sao Man?

Come on, here are the pictures, and then oh

tens of millions of divorced couples. The reason why Sao Men are concerned is that he is a well-known and good man in the anchor circle.

The feeling that the two people are inseparable is also the existence that the whole game circle expresses envy. The most interesting thing about

is that the man who divorced actually chose to come from a pure family?

You know, Sao Man as a live broadcasting platform on the tiger tooth elder brother, this operation is simply Sao's flying ah.

Ask, who believes there is no story in it?

Now the network is also very developed, once something happens, various reasons can be pulled out and analyzed by the vast number of netizens.

First, Sao Man made a divorce declaration.

Again, some netizens explained the deeper reasons for their divorce.

Although Qiqi accompanied him from poverty to success, he did more and seemed to be just accompanying him. Shuiyou of Lao Sao's live broadcasting studio said that after watching Lao Sao's live broadcasting for so many years, he had hardly seen a meal he had cooked seven or seven times, and all he ate was takeaway. As a married person, this is not very good.

mainly refers to the strong control desire of Qiqi (Sao man's wife). She often acts disrespectfully when Sao man broadcasts live:

< p> clap her head and pull her ears. The audience at that time laughed at the effect of the program.

and Lao Sao's game is not just a game, but also a breadwinner.

Qiqi can not understand, which also makes the audience unable to understand, which is also the fuse leading to the final divorce of the two people.


said so much, is the small edition just to tell the male compatriots not to spoil their own women?

Of course not!!!

Of course not!!!

Of course not!!!

< p> < strong> his wife does not favor him, but who should favor him?

< p> < strong> Three points of view are correct, of course, give me the favor of death!!!

Actually, with the increasing divorce rate year by year, the real reason is often that two people quarrel over trivial matters, or even fight. It is worth mentioning that learning to control one's temper in marriage is really very important. < strong > < / P > < p > < strong > This is a person's self-cultivation, but also a life-long need to learn ability. Psychologists have found that the oldest limbic system in the human brain is responsible for emotion, while the latest evolutionary cortex is responsible for cognition. After

< p> anything happens, the limbic system will produce emotional response at the first time:

< p> such as fear, anger, joy, etc., after about 6 seconds, the cerebral cortex can make cognitive processing.

也就是说,每个人都会产生各种各样的情绪。 Smart people with high EQ, however, are better able to manage bad emotions and vent them properly.

So here's a tip from the editor --

No matter what happens, you must control your impulse and take a deep breath for 6 seconds before choosing the countermeasures.

< p> < strong> This often leads to more rational and correct decision-making. Only those who can control their emotions can control their lives.

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