Believe in "late-born baby wisdom", hold back until 11 months, netizens: rural people ah!

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Believe in "late-born baby wisdom", hold back until 11 months, netizens: rural people ah!

2019-04-25 21:30:40 8074 ℃

We did a research on the topic: "Late-born babies are smart." Is it reasonable?

Let's see what the netizens say:

@Life is just like the first sight: My mother-in-law is also checked once a month before, which is also a nagging not to check so diligently, not good for the children, no reason for her, just in front of my husband, my husband explained that at the beginning, then directly yelled at her, and did not spend your money, did you accompany, you fuss about nothing, the hospital. That's not good, that's not good. You can go to any hospital when you are ill, just at home. < p > < p > < b > @ Full Moon West Tower: < / b > All day long, it said that it was okay for people who did not do the maternity examination before, and the child mortality rate in the past was much higher than that in the present. At that time, children were born at home and the Internet was not developed. Really, nobody knew that they died because of these reasons.

@Baby: My twins, the due date of May 23, when the doctor went to check at the end of April, said that the fetus was too big, and the fetal position was not right and there was little amniotic fluid. Next week, we could have an operation. When we got home, we discussed going to the hospital on May 11. No one objected. By May 10, all told me that it was too early, that the baby was premature and had to live in an incubator. I didn't understand that it was too late. One week, a week later, I told you this again, saying that I would go to the hospital when I had a reaction. That's how my sister-in-law gave birth to children before the due date. Doctors like to frighten people. I told my husband that you like to go or not. You don't want to go to my own place. Later, when I lost your temper, I said that I would go to the hospital to have a check-up first, and then the doctor scolded them all, and said that both of them would go to the hospital. Fetal 39 weeks also dare to wait, amniotic fluid is almost gone, not afraid of children's hypoxia, adults and severe anemia, when born, who is responsible for massive bleeding! Doctors know what they think and then say that experience is also the experience of single births, twins can be the same! When preparing for the operation, the chief knife doctor was also saying how to come so late. The nurse next to him said that his wife had been born before, so that he could wait until he had reacted. The chief knife doctor said helplessly that he had experience killing people. Two bags of blood were prepared for reserve. The doctor sent two bags to the blood bank for fear of not using enough. In order to prevent massive bleeding, a blood vessel was stuck in the operation. Fortunately, there was no massive bleeding. After the birth of a child, a 6.3 kg, a 6.9 kg, the doctors are afraid of me. If you have a child, don't feel that you don't care about your experience. Your experience will be one or two times. Don't bet your life and your child's life!

@Growing up: What happened in other families, the father-in-law was a famous director of Obstetrics and gynecology. Because the expectancy of the daughter-in-law was a failure of the month, it would be silly to delay medication until next month's birth, bring a lot of big hospitals to look bad, and throw it at the door of welfare homes at the age of two.


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