"Sinister" science people save it! The medicine that mothers can't eat anyway must include this kind of medicine.

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"Sinister" science people save it! The medicine that mothers can't eat anyway must include this kind of medicine.

2019-08-07 00:34:02 7910 ℃

Moms, before I started reading today's article, Xiaobian had a small question to investigate:

calm down for a second, first vote for a vote~

Really, when Xiaobian first heard about "sinister poison", it was also a look of a circle, and then look at the explanations about "yin poison":

Wow! It makes sense. I can't help but believe .

It is said that "yin poison" will also cause these hazards:

  • Itching: Itching is not limited. Yin poison will change the environment inside the vagina, it will be too acidic or too alkaline, and the lower body will be itchy.
  • Pain: The same room hurts, the lower abdomen falls. Sinister attacks the reproductive system, and when it is erosive and inflammatory, it will feel pain in the lower abdomen, and it will hurt when stimulated in the same room.
  • Abnormal leucorrhea: increased vaginal discharge and abnormal color odor. Once the sinister poisons the female reproductive system, the pus and blood secretion will be mixed into the vaginal discharge through the vagina. Excessive reproduction of harmful bacteria in the vagina, abnormal secretion of vaginal discharge.
  • Old is fast: the yellow spots on the face are thick and wrinkled. The ovary is a young female power pump. The sinister poison causes the disorder of estrogen secretion in the hatching, which directly causes various problems on the face.
  • Infertility and cancer: Invasive sinus causes adhesions and acid-base imbalance in the genital tract, sperm is difficult to pass through, leading to infertility, and long-term sinister poisoning can not be eliminated, and cancer of the reproductive system may also occur.

with some exaggerated pictures, it is shocking! !

So, is there any reason for this statement?

This is about to start from the structure of the vagina~


Vagina, what is it like?

I don't know if any parents have seen it here, I feel embarrassed to watch it?

This kind of "holding" is completely unnecessary~

As long as you think this way, the vagina is just an organ, just like the nose and the eyes are the organs of the human body. The vagina is also the organ of the body. Kind.

The vaginal connection between the uterus and the external genitalia is an organ in which women have sexual intercourse, and is also the conduit for menstruation and delivery of the fetus .

[123The vagina is located in the center of the lower part of the female's true pelvis. It is a narrow passageway.

In general, normal women have a vagina length of 7 cm ~ 12 cm and a width of 2 cm ~ 4 cm, which has strong ductility and elasticity.

The vaginal wall consists of

elastic fibers, muscle layers, and mucosa . Among them, mucosa is light red, has many horizontal wrinkles, affected by sex hormones, with periodic changes .

Pay attention to the word "periodic change", and those who say "sinister" science popular people "the menstrual cycle excrement, amniotic fluid residue accumulated in the vagina for a long time" is simply unreliable! ! !

Amniotic fluid and lochia have special time limits. After they have passed, there is no more! If there is a "residue", it is likely to have "onset" in the production process, such as infection or major bleeding.

After passing the "village" of having children, there is no such thing as "shopping" of "sinister poison"!

Moreover, every time menstruation comes, the endometrium falls off and regenerates, accompanied by a large amount of blood flowing out. Do the "sinister" science people think that people's uterus is playing?


Vagina is easily infected?

What's in the vagina?

In the female vagina, there are

nearly 200 species of microorganisms present, which together constitute the vaginal flora.

Under normal circumstances , Lactobacillus accounts for 95% of the entire vaginal flora, covering the entire vaginal mucosa.

In fact, the "occupation" of Lactobacillus is actually the protection of the vagina, which prevents some external pathogens from entering the vagina "settling down";

In addition, Lactobacillus will Competing with other germs (such as HPV virus), consuming a lot of nutrients in the vagina, making it difficult for HPV virus to "survive";

At the same time, lactobacilli can also secrete hydrogen peroxide, bacteriocins, bacteria And biosurfactants inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, thereby maintaining the balance of the vaginal micro-ecological environment.

It can be said that Lactobacillus is the "big sister" in the vaginal flora!

It is the presence of vaginal flora that is "lead" by Lactobacillus, so that the female vaginal immune system can play its due role and achieve local immunity.

From this point of view, normal women's vaginal immune system "work" is efficient, will not give some foreign bacteria to form a "sinister" opportunity!

Conversely, if a female friend believes in the propaganda of some unscrupulous micro-businesses, blindly using drugs that treat “insidious drugs” may instead destroy the natural balance of the guided flora, eventually leading to various inflammations and diseases. happened.

External use, "washing" is healthier?

Xiao Bian found that in the process of looking at various "sinister" science popularizations, all "sinister" sciences will eventually lead to certain female nutrition products or advertisements of various gynecological hospitals. For example, such a child:

and such a child:

In addition to this, there may be a variety of "patients personally endorsement" - a basin does not know inside What ingredients of the liquid, white, thick, and then tell everyone: Hey, this is the use of my family's XXX products, the discharge of "yin", after XX treatment, "yin poison" can be completely cleaned from the body.

Ha? ! Xiaobian feels that IQ has been ridiculed in all directions!

In addition to menstrual blood, vaginal discharge, what else can be discharged from the vagina? ?

Small bb: Even if inflammation or lesions (such as vaginitis) occur, the discharge will not be a kind of "poison" or bacteria, fungi and the like!

got vaginitis, private parts have odor, please be sure to register in the regular hospital, follow the doctor's instructions to regulate medication, kill bacteria.

On the other hand, Xiao Bian also reminds mothers:

Don't believe that "washing is healthier" in any advertisement!

The vagina itself will have some secretions, especially before and after menstruation, the vaginal secretions will gradually become more and more thicker and thicker, and the smell will change.

normal phenomenon!

Don't blindly listen to the advertisement, feel that it is not clean, and try to get rid of it.

The consequence of this is to change the Ph value of the vagina, but to destroy the living environment of the normal vaginal flora.

The vagina looks clean, and the harmful bacteria beneficial bacteria are “same to the end”. The resistance to the outside world is greatly reduced, but it is more likely to get sick!

In fact, Xiao Bian also understands that many women have more or less fear of "gynecological inflammation", and in the chaotic "science" environment, they also wonder if they are as they say. I got XXXX disease, so I was not feeling well.

But Xiaobian also reminds you: no matter what discomfort, the best solution is to

go to the regular hospital, find a doctor you trust!

Don't blindly be charged by all kinds of unscrupulous merchants. ! ! !

Xiaobian said

If the female vagina has "yin poison", it needs to be discharged with various drugs and instruments. Then, according to the truth, her husband does not... 123]

Emmmmmm? Why is there no “sinister drug” for men?

Blind, you found a Chinese point! (Huasheng, you found a blind spot)