How much do you know about the baby diapers?

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How much do you know about the baby diapers?

2016-07-21 02:28:53 315 ℃

  1. What kind of diapers to wear convenient activities, and no baby thighs?

One should pay attention to the waist and waist tape design. Some diapers is 360 degree elastic waist and waist post design, the baby left right are fitted with ease. Two design should pay attention to isolation boundary leakage. Choose the sort of elastic double leakproof isolation boundary diapers, not only strong elasticity, and the lowest degree reduce stimulation for baby's delicate skin, not on the baby's thigh Le a red mark. In the baby learning to climb the station, you need more exercise space, you can use the pull, it is like a small underwear, wear and take off all convenient.

How long will the 2 diapers open up?

Although diapers shelf life is long, but if stored properly, especially humid areas in the south, diapers easily water metamorphism. "Help help mom Po Po mom to buy" advice "fresh" diapers. In addition, the general diaper after opening, the best run in 2-3 months.

3 male and female can use the same diapers?

Certainly. The best choice for the baby to urine trousers inside the absorption of urine layer a little longer. So whether it is a boy or a girl, urine urine will soon be absorbed to reduce the contact time of the skin and urine.

4 how to use diapers?

Generally speaking, most of the baby 18-24 months, control the excretion of muscle development is mature, can be considered the beginning of baby toilet training, wait until the baby can exactly want to treasure mom expressed willingness to go to the toilet, and gradually to himself on the toilet, you can no longer use diapers, this month and early evening. Over reliance on diapers would delay the baby learn to own defecation time.

5 points good, or is it right?

Under normal circumstances is to choose appropriate baby diapers. Although the diapers are constraints on models, but each model will have a certain weight range, should find a suitable weight baby diapers. Too large models is prone to leakage of urine, small models will because urine Chu stay more than the affordability of the diaper and back diffusion, and urine pants too tight will damage your baby's delicate skin.

The summer of 6 to give the child to wear diapers should pay attention to what?

The most important thing is your baby's ass will play a diaper rash. Often check the baby's ass, thigh, folds of vulva. Choose good breathable diapers. The permeability of the paper diaper throughout the year are the same. Only relatively high summer temperatures, baby fast metabolism, pee is frequent, it is diapers "cover", shorter time to replace it. Baby every time after defecate, should use special wipes will butt clean, then coated with nappy cream, fresh diapers.

7 often change diapers brands will have an impact on the skin

Will not be affected. No matter which brand of baby diapers, if not allergic to the baby clean can be replaced. , of course, the high-end brand of diapers, and the absorption capacity, breathable performance and the baby to wear comfortable, body fitted degree is obvious.

8 diapers will affect the baby genital development?

Not, according to "treasure mom help help understanding, China Paper Association Professional Committee, had invited the domestic well-known experts in child health and embryo research and male reproductive health experts, on diapers and baby health and development research. Experts according to the results of this study demonstrated that male baby wear diapers will not cause future infertility, the reported conclusions too hasty, no scientific basis.