Non child not born boy! I was so paranoid! My boy ~ ~ symptoms

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Non child not born boy! I was so paranoid! My boy ~ ~ symptoms

2016-07-21 02:34:59 285 ℃

Born in July 15th, just released today, the mood is too excited.

1... Is a girl.. Dabao, unknowingly come over, nothing reaction is sick several times, not spit, face is also very beautiful, no spots, very hard-working, do not love to sleep, there is no any taboos, do not eat fish, at that time no over, anyway easily was born, but premature for two months.

2... Boy. I talk about the symptom, 5.6 weeks have reaction, nausea. Do not eat oil, the oil fumes, fatigue, always want to sleep, (I'm not pregnant is not love to sleep). Very lazy.

3.....7.8 weeks every day morning basically okay, in the afternoon is all uncomfortable, still hungry, always looking for something to eat, the night is my terrible time, severe morning sickness, but on the day a, spit finished will be comfortable.

4. A small hairy belly on the stomach, and now is not too much, will be more, there is a line, under the belly button, it is estimated that there will be no longer.

5. Fetal... 13 weeks early, when there is quickening, however modest, is on the left, never once came right. Much at night. There is no drum package, is a very small amplitude of the kick, playing, the month will have the strength of the.

6..... Mother intuitive, I had a girl, so comparison can guess. In short, the two child is the opposite.

7. Early pregnancy... Cold, wear are cold. Late nausea, stomach acid, do not eat Steamed Rice, millet, eat noodles, pasta can also be other than eating, is a good Steamed Rice. 90 days I did not eat meat, not greedy, homely fare can.

8... Baby heart just start 167, 15 weeks 164 times. It says the boy is slow, not necessarily.

9. Not... Legs edema, good walking, clumsy, is lazy, not love.

10. Used...... test pen, can check the baby in men and women, Wei tss579 took it, check out the boy, quasi.

11. Pregnant... Love is very strong, I was also very strong, and I am like about it, I was 38 years old.

12... The early stage of pregnancy is round, round is well developed, and no relationship between men and women. As far as I'm looking for someone who's in the hospital, so there's No.

13...... There is a fear of smell, odor, soap, cosmetics, bath and taste, and smelly, are not kiss. Offensive.

Treasure the mother when entertainment to see it, I wish you happy.

In fact, I would like to have a child with a summary, and important to prepare for pregnancy when there will be a few boys.

1. Three months ago... Eat calcium and folic acid, drink two months black Soybean Milk, find a good ovulation, remember that it is not ovulation, ovulation. There are usually eat more alkaline foods, such as vegetables, tea, pasta, do not bother to eat. Men eat more lean meat, rice, very simple. Remember when the same room two person must try to make the climax, I didn't come, [at]. And then the legs slightly raised. That's what I did. Bye, wish you good luck.