Pregnant long stretch marks, nausea to her husband.

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Pregnant long stretch marks, nausea to her husband.

2016-07-21 01:02:58 2360 ℃

See the peach skin, think of a pregnant woman with that long stretch marks in the stomach.

Women in pregnancy, because the womb, the huge expansion of the abdomen led to the formation of the skin fiber fracture stretch marks. That a scarred dark lines verify the woman to pay for the child. These shocking pictures also notice stretch marks their husbands and children do not forget mother's hard work.

Striae of pregnancy is due to pregnancy, fetal growth, abdominal swelling, making abdominal skin appear overdistention. Subcutaneous collagen fiber was eventually "snap", make the skin to form a kind of special types of scars.

In pregnancy in the late skin elastic fibers and collagen fibers due to pull by varying degrees of damage and fracture, causes the skin to become thin sag, capillary extrusion, in the skin of the waist and abdomen, thighs, hips, chest, back, etc., appear some pink or purple wavy crack, often accompanied by involved sense or a slight itching;

After delivery, the crack gradually fades into a silver white scar.

Stretch marks and physical, genetic and so on are associated, the different people's stretch marks the growth, the intensity is not the same, a small number of pregnant women and will not appear pregnant pattern.

The appearance of stretch marks, how to eliminate it?

Maintenance: eat more vitamin C rich foods, increase skin elasticity, dilute the abdominal stretch marks.

And thigh stretch marks, and aerobic exercise can be stored into the body to help waste discharged waste.