It's annoying to focus on children! Learn how these kids really can be very concentrated!

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It's annoying to focus on children! Learn how these kids really can be very concentrated!

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A group of children sitting together to listen to the teacher / mother tell a story, but 10 minutes later, some children began to fidget, they began to talk or start daydreaming, hand began to want to try to take a variety of toys......

Their attention began to shift, and they were not concentrated! This not only in the classroom will appear, many children are doing homework at home, playing games is staged continuously distracted. And so they do speed slow, the learning speed is slow, crown our various serious label.

Many parents are concerned about the children in class / learning process inattention, in fact, children have obvious marks, their attention may delay to the instructions given by the teacher, their attention in fighting with other content (such as games, hand of small toys), eventually led to the child learning goals can not be reached.

Children can not concentrate, first to let the child know why, from where began to focus on, such as: from the teacher walked into the classroom began to focus, from the teacher asked to open the books began to concentrate and listen carefully to the teacher's words began to focus on...

These can start training in the home environment, the more the more children can do the simulation training in the future will be able to do better.

For most of them, they have short attention span, because their sustained attention is not fully developed, because many kids don't want to sit in the classroom, don't want to be involved in various types of learning, they will soon take the initiative to disperse your attention.

Generally considered synonymous with the child's attention focused on the time and their age equally to the painting, such as the age of the child for three years, the child's attention concentration time in 3-5 minutes, 6 year old children focus on time in 6 to 8 minutes. However, if some activities are more like children, their attention focused on the time will be significantly increased.

To improve the child's attention, parents should try to use innovative ways to help children improve their attention, their motivation and interest are concentrated in a particular topic, like a child, if the child's interest is excited children's attention time will be significantly increased, the child will initiative to create more opportunities to collect the knowledge and ability of visual, auditory, tactile, and so on all used up. To enhance the child's attention, in addition to the common concern of the visual, hearing, smell, touch, taste, etc. are also stimulating the child, they are interrelated.

To enhance the child's attention, it is to analyze the child's attention is not concentrated in which areas out of the problem, targeted for training, is more efficient.

This is to focus on, the child's attention are generally basic reactions to visual, auditory, tactile, attention to the external information or external stimulation is the brain child plays a role in the brain in the complex data processing.

If children's attention span is not long, parents should strengthen training by keeping the child brain concentration degree, positive child observation, careful listening, the life of most of the children's inattention is visual can be focused.

Parents can in life and children learning and training through the visual focus to enhance the efficiency of the child's attention to external information and visual cues to help children attention and emphasis on the target location, the child automatically attracted to we want to pay attention to children's clue up with various forms.

For example: when reading with a child, when the child is distracted, we can increase the dolls and children to read together.

For example: children do not want to read process more cases, you can use the color of the marker pen to draw the focus of the statement to attract the attention of the child.

In short, think of a wide variety of ways to stimulate the child's vision, causing them to pay attention to.

Two, quiet environment, multi task training

Many children can not concentrate is because their life has too many options, under a plurality of stimulating the premise of children find it difficult to concentrate on a project and the child is very sensitive, so the child in the screening process lead to the child distraction.

If a child can not concentrate, in the family environment training, reduce the external stimulus, reduced so that the children can be options, quiet room, only dad or mom's case, and the children with books, games and other training notice.

In the training time can through multiple options let the children to choose, the beginning may feel that there are a lot of obstacles, because not only from external stimuli, the more is the inner disturbed children think too much, when the child is able to have enough experience to visual stimuli and information acquired after, when the child is able to gain attention from the quiet environment can take their children in some of them the environment of multi select items. For example: To study at a park, on a small chair of reading training, when the child is able to in a noisy environment also maintained a high attention, children will be able to in a variety of environmental filtering to let they are distracted by information and become more attention.

Three, attention is bright

In the development of the child attention, the child can from the sustained attention to one thing, to multi choice task selection of attention, to divert attention again focused attention, need a long time of training, very interesting.

From one task to another task, the child has the ability to quickly divert attention and focus to another task, is based on the children can continue to focus on one thing, through practice can train a child in the transfer of attention skills.

For example: in the process of parent-child reading in the selection of two completely different types of books, one of which read half of the rapid start to read another book. In the process of doing the game, from our verbal instructions to the child at the same time asked the children to play the game. When the child's attention can be sustained, the expansion of this type of training can also improve the degree of concentration of children's attention.

Four, multi task processing of decentralized attention

When the children at the same time in dealing with two or more than two tasks, children should learn to to deal with different needs, which will be very difficult, from one task to another completely different task, which requires the child at the same time to distract his attention, the dispersion is not mean a mess, in the process of distraction essence is alternately children in the completion of various tasks.

Such as: the children learn the piano in music score and is played and sung, this is the child with ability to distract yourself, when the child's muscles and habit memory this model, children without deliberate effort can also focused on multi task learning and the game state.

So every child have unlimited potential, from a task of short-term attention to long-term attention, attention from single task to divert attention to distract the mind. This is a gradual process.

The focus of training should start from the child's cognitive ability, children must first learn how sustained attention, for the children they want to understand the meaning of sustained attention, to understand the meaning of information with you and they focus their attention on, they can step by step to do better.

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