10 minutes fast delivery process that you would not believe

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10 minutes fast delivery process that you would not believe

2016-07-22 19:12:50 314 ℃

7/13 due to the expected date of birth, 7/17 in the morning feel stomach fall. 40 weeks production inspection when the doctor told if Monday have not happened that I was in hospital, let Sunday went to the hospital to do a B - look at the size of the child and the biparietal diameter. 7 early in the morning to the hospital B ultrasound, too many people. The doctor told let again in the afternoon, as well as several hours to arrive in the afternoon on husband and home.

A few days ago, I would like to have a hamburger, called my husband to buy me home, eat hamburgers, go to a bath. Feel the stomach, just in case you want to take a shower in case. ) washing bath wear underwear when see there are some drops of blood stained underwear on the, please call the husband and my mom, followed by a water break, menacing amniotic fluid quickly sanitary towel, underwear is all wet. My husband used computer chair home pushed me down the stairs, the whole family took a taxi to the hospital in a hurry. Fortunately, the hospital is not too far away, just around noon car is not much.

13:10 broken water, 13:30 to the hospital emergency department. After lying on the water is not so much, but this time no pains. To the inpatient department soon began to feel pain, it is not obvious. Waiting for the doctor to finish all the inspection, 15 points began to have regular contractions, about 5 ~ 6 minutes the pain once, probably tell her sense of stool when called, at this time I can chat with it, did not feel much pain. I told the doctor that I feel very far away from the feeling, the doctor said: "look out, but also talk to chat, feeling you are not very painful." (because it is the second child, when students boss feel pain). Fast to 18 points of time about 2 ~ 3 minutes a pain, this time will feel very pain, fast slightest when suddenly a sense of stool, quickly let husband to call a doctor, doctor, the pain continued for more than 1 minutes, with no interval, doctor before to I cheer up a few means, has seen fetal head. The doctor quickly called my family to push the bed to run away, I can feel the bed in the corridor when the wind from my ear. In the delivery room, the midwife asked the doctor said: "let her move to the bed." The doctor said, "it's too late to have it here."." In this way my family two in a bed. From entering the delivery room to the child was born only a few minutes 10. The hospital attendants said: "this is too fast, record."My boss from pain to a total of 5.5 hours. Two faster than the big treasure, from pain to less than 4 hours. The difference between the two treasure and Dabao is Dabao when pain is step by step, two treasure when pain is to jump, I no 1 minutes or tens of seconds in the throes of interval between from 2 to 3 minutes pain a directly to the students, it is coherent.

So to have two of the mother's mother should pay attention to it, do not like me, the child was born in bed.

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