Do you have a gun in your child's most disgusting behavior?

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Do you have a gun in your child's most disgusting behavior?

2016-07-22 19:14:20 261 ℃

In fact, some of the parents of some language behavior is likely to cause the child's aversion, then the parents know that the behavior is the child's aversion to it? Do you know how to reduce the child's aversion to it?

A lot of parents of the common problem is too nagging, always think that the number of children told, the child will do, you can remember. However is not such, you say the number of much child but not in heart, he will feel you very vexed very verbose so long winded but will cause bad effect. There's parents in work or other place meet the unsatisfactory thing, home Caesar put gas in children, children do wrong a little on launching a campaign, then caught a child scold, this is actually to the child's psychological also caused damage.

And the parents, in particular, like competition, always like to put their children to belittle useless, and then put forward a children, in children before talking to others home child how good, and their children are disadvantages, so easy to make a child self abasement, I think parents should let the children discover your strengths and not a strength to reprove the child's shortcomings.

It seems that every child in the school after school to go to cram school, and even at home at night to stay up all night to do the homework. Most children are not very fond of cram school, they have their own hobbies, such as painting, singing and so on.

But parents always like to kill their children's interests. This will naturally cause the child's disgust and aversion. Some parents out in public is careless and casual swearing, behavior is not serious, the child is expected to their parents to appear in front of others is solemn, rigorous, rather than casually, so that the child will think you lost his face, to the child will resent you behave in this way.

So mom and dad how to do can not cause the child's aversion to it?

First of all to respect their children, do not blindly down the child, to enlarge the advantages of the child.

Second is not to compare their children and other children, do not kill the child's interest, but to cultivate his interest in hobbies, there may be a lot of children in this area of talent.