The newborn picked will affect the spine development? Really?

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The newborn picked will affect the spine development? Really?

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Novice parents often have such confusion, not yet a full moon baby flat hold always crying, holding a bristling is good, the little guy seemed to enjoy to stand in the point of view to observe this strange world. But the old man had already been told, not when the baby is too small to hold on, not good for cervical vertebra. So, really can't hold up the baby?

Picked, OR?

Xiao Jing is studying abroad after graduation to stay in the United States to work a new mommy, this year, she was born in a hospital in Seattle, the birth of a 3.5 kg weight daughter. Pregnant after returning home to visit relatives when grandma deliberately taught her how to hold the baby, and repeatedly told her newborn baby can't sticking up hold, because the baby's bones are not long, not enough to support his head and body, picked the baby skeletal development is not good.

[can be picked, but not for a long time.]

Correct bristling hold baby posture, hold up time for at least one hand leaning on the baby's neck position, because baby of the cervical spine is not hard, can not support, also a hand hold the baby's buttocks, and try to use the arms and hands to protect her baby back, waist and hand strength with, hold the baby. You can also put the baby's head on your shoulders, so that his line of sight better, baby to see more things will become very happy. In baby choking milk or hiccups, and crying more than time, bristling hold up and pats him on the back and can play a good role to appease. Each picked time not too long, three to five minutes.

In order to exercise the development of the baby's neck, the nurse will let the baby lying on a hard bed or on the ground to practice the rise, from birth after the day to do such a practice, the time gradually increased.

[picked baby, 6 points to note]

Don't shake baby

Baby crying, sleep or wake up, the mother will be used to hold baby shake, think this is the most precious baby. But you are very difficult to grasp the shaking intensity, if the intensity is too large, is likely to bring harm to the baby's head, eye and other parts, and you will feel particularly arms aching.

Watch baby from time to time

When holding a baby, always pay attention to his hands, feet and back posture is natural and comfortable, avoid the baby's hands and feet were broken, to the pressure, back of the spine backward overturn, give the baby to cause harm.

Every time 3 ~ 5 minutes.

Let the baby feel your love for him, so that he has a sense of security. Do not hold on for a long time, and even fell asleep in the body, so will develop a baby do not hold on to the bad habit of crying, but also will give you a lot of trouble in the future parenting process.

Attention distance

Hold baby, Mommy do not rely too close to the baby, because your face, hair and oral bacteria are easy to baby delicate skin pose a threat.

Shift attention

When the baby was picked to enjoy the fun, may no longer satisfied with the lying was caught. This time can think of ways to transfer the baby's attention, such as fun toys to attract her, or give her listen to good music, it is not enough to hold for a while.

Pay attention to dietary calcium supplementation

Baby throughout the whole developmental process, zinc and calcium play great role, baby skeletal development of the baby after height has a crucial role, films and other high Jixing zinc zinc supplement can improve the immunity of the baby, in order to promote the development of the brain and the height; the calcium can let the baby to avoid for calcium deficiency caused by the impact.


Full 3 months ago, baby neck strength is very weak, still unable to support their own head, so mummy in the process of holding up and down the baby, should always pay attention to support his head. When the baby is put down, the most secure position is to let his back lying down on the bed.

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