A woman with these symptoms is difficult to conceive a child, especially the last one.

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A woman with these symptoms is difficult to conceive a child, especially the last one.

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Pregnancy is a specifically says that no thing, some people really hard to detect, not careful is pregnant; and some people go through untold hardships enough other people's eyes still not pregnant. Because of the Eucharist and hormone, below this several symptoms is hard for women to conceive:

OneMenstrual disorders

Menstruation early or late, bleeding too much or too little of these are irregular menstruation, menstruation is not normal with most bad habits caused by endocrine disorders or gynecological diseases, so in the follicular development will appear problem, and even affect future fertility. Therefore, menstrual disorders often occur in women to timely treatment.

TwoAbnormal vaginal discharge

Normal leucorrhea paste, transparent or white, no smell. When the leucorrhea increased suddenly and accompanied by the smell, the color yellow, sometimes accompanied by external itching and pain, leucorrhea once these abnormal said female vagina inflammation or certain chronic diseases, once the point of severe cervicitis is will affect a female to be pregnant. So, do not ignore these symptoms when.


It is difficult to think of appendicitis and pregnancy have any effect, but if pregnant women still have appendicitis, repeated attacks, in the treatment of pregnancy up will be more trouble, and even hurt the fetus. In addition, appendicitis, acute perforation, may be caused by fallopian tube obstruction, causing difficulty conceiving, so in pregnancy, the best will be removed.


Whether it is spontaneous abortion or induced abortion, abortion is a huge destruction of the uterus of women, the body's endocrine may be disrupted. The womb is the place where life is pregnant, so women should know how to care for their own body.

Inoculation for women is a very hard and great things, in the preparation of this period of time, the couple should also maintain a relaxed and pleasant attitude, not too impatient, because the good things always come slowly.

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