What are the reactions of expectant mothers! Have you observed it?

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What are the reactions of expectant mothers! Have you observed it?

2016-07-21 02:45:32 361 ℃

Pregnant children for women, is a turning point in life is very important, and in women at this stage can be said to be paid a lifetime biggest sacrifice, to face the very unbearable uncomfortable throughout pregnancy stage, but also very brave in the face of his abdomen striae gravidarum and fat and skin changes, in order to protect the fetal growth and development, the preparation of pregnancy and pregnant stage, every day to live very carefully, in fact, for women to give birth to a son is very carefully prepared pregnant, so in the end in pregnant women pregnant early reactions to the boy, what does.

1, skin changes

If we conceive a boy, in the early stages of fetal development, pregnant women, the skin change is very obvious, we can see the whole skin of pregnant women to be a lot worse than before pregnancy skin, or even to have a long spot, or very rough bleak, if it is acne, the skin may acne on the face will take more, and also at the end of eye wrinkles is very obvious, very much in zygomatic position spots, pregnant mothers don't fear if there is such a situation, because it is pregnant with boys a basic early pregnancy characteristics.

2, taste change

Said stages of pregnancy in pregnant women, every day the taste are very strange, even before many do not like to eat the food, in the course of pregnancy is simply love to death, if before becoming pregnant women not very like eat sour taste of food, but later in pregnancy, every day are very want to eat sour food, then according to the folk saying, generally like to eat sour taste of food is not easy to give birth to a boy and acid taste of food can also make pregnant women better appetite, by taking probiotic alkali and collocation of fruits and vegetables and other basic food can be better to get healthier.

3, changes in the stomach

Pregnant women every day in the stomach will have some minor changes and may others look not to come out, but as a mother, every day will feel some changes in the stomach, however these changes if women feel the stomach is not very round, not like a watermelon shaped belly in development, but slightly some sharp, then so are usually easy to give birth to a boy, if you feel the stomach is very round and plump and very like a big watermelon, such belly is likely to give birth to a lovely girl, why pregnant mom wants to determine a child's gender, can through this feature to be judged.

Of course in addition to these changes and many of the details of the will to judge, because of the stretch marks on bellies of pregnant women and women's nipples and morning sickness,, these early pregnancy reaction and changes will be very easy for us to judge whether it was a boy or a girl they are carrying.