All the Great Dane and the little girl get together, what want to do?

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All the Great Dane and the little girl get together, what want to do?

2016-07-22 19:20:54 311 ℃

The dog named Sam, English is very common name, it is a great dane, see the following figure you know how big it is!

It originally with a pair of husband and wife live together, at home to enjoy the special support and grace, but then everything changed, because the couple gave birth to a baby.

The couple had also worried about the arrival of Sam does not take over the baby, but do not expect that their concerns are superfluous......

After her daughter was born the, Sam is spontaneously acted as a baby's bodyguard and nanny, every day was like peas and carrots followed her.

Sam like a loyal guardian, with the little girl around, guarding her peace.

They are also often a crazy way for all the way downtown, don't feel great dane head can account for cheap. Each time you play, the game is to Sam get face embarrassment and settle.

Share food warm ostentation and extravagance, nothing more than Sam as if on children's food not cold ah is because the baby to eat too dirty, looked no appetite??

A nap is a compulsory course for both, Sam is often used as a pillow or a bed to use, may be Sam's body is more warm some of it!

Sam sometimes directly to sleep on the sand in the yard. At this time the baby to take Sam born pit, nevertheless this sand have enough to choke!

In baby and Sam has become a partner of the composition, a is loyal guardian, another is the cunning little princess, really well with Oh!

Who says to be pregnant cannot raise a dog? Who said that with the baby will discard the dog? Look at the above story, people have a good confirmation, the baby and the dog can still be very peaceful and friendly to get along well!

Baby at the moment a day to grow up, but the Sam's spring and autumn are too large, one day they can not be enough again in the way, I really can not imagine the feelings of the time on both sides of the infection. Nothing more than, I wish them before this can have full of memories and resume, do not leave regrets.

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