After pregnancy, only to experience the difference between mother and her mother is not a boy, but

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After pregnancy, only to experience the difference between mother and her mother is not a boy, but

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On the wedding day, most of the city in the city promised a promise, "you go to our home we will treat you as his own daughter". But most mothers in law is very difficult to do this, actually not suitable for mother-in-law mother, the following look pregnant, grandmother and mother is how to treat the pregnant mother.

Expected date of childbirth

Due in the first month, my mother said that the first month of cold ah, and to move around more people, to pay attention to ah. Mother said how in the first month, the child will be born a lifetime involvement, if one month ahead of schedule.

Hair loss during pregnancy

Mother said the child is not tired, should pay attention to more rest, eat and sometimes go to the hospital to check. The mother said how to lose everywhere is the hair ah, owe good to clean up.

Poor appetite during pregnancy

My mother said that the child you have lost this time, you want to eat whatever you want to do. In front of the neighbor mother-in-law said, my wife is too picky, hard work, who do not eat do not eat this.

Pregnancy examination

That the examination results is not good, my mother has always urged to review did not, it should not matter, her mother said, what is tight ah, we have a child to keep the examination, the health is not so good

Gestational size

Seeing the belly up, my mother said that the clothes are not tight at the moment ah, I bought you a new dress, try to see can not wear. Her mother said the baby with the tool ready, do not go to the hospital to buy too expensive.

Production room

Mother asked the doctor about the maternal? The mother asked the boy and the girl? After entering the delivery room, mother heartache asked mothers not to ache, a good rest, mother-in-law while holding the children happy.

The child has a cold, how to do? What is the baby crying? How do the child spits? Baby long eczema how to deal with? Want to let the baby grow taller, what is the way? When will the baby call my mother? Do you have to be weaned at the age of 1?......