The baby has gum, grandma this way gum, see I was angry

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The baby has gum, grandma this way gum, see I was angry

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Little toot mom recently encountered particularly unhappy work, finally still is with the mother had a quarrel, the reason of all the work is in doodle to gum.

Dudu just born more than three months, because the husband is relatively busy, also too busy to take account of the family, husband and wife two the ego resolution let the child's grandmother to help. Because her husband took the mother from the country to take over to take care of the children, but toot toot mom found two the ego in the parenting issues are always disagreements. But the general opinion is still in her office, what position results master is good for children.

This is not a small ratio of gum special toot, grandma is angry. But after the doctor's examination is fine, as long as the use of eye drops to clean it. Dudu mother by the doctor over the way to help children clean gum, but her mother refused to italy. So while Dudu mother went out to the hour, the child's grandmother was a bowl urine help wash eyes toot.

This work is ultimately toot mom found, one day to see her mother-in-law is to the children clean gum, and to the eyes of liquid applied, but smell Sao smell. Toot toot the mother repeatedly to buckle ask, mother-in-law eventually handover in the urine of children clean the gum and to toot mom said this is Ruzi urine is can Quhuo.

The toot mom finally angry, there are people actually believe this, children are not to blame for gum is more and more serious, two people finally in this quarrel, and finally the child to Claus sent home, bring children still own it. Many places have Ruzi urine Quhuo, a fact that can cannot Quhuo, for now there is no any clinical data, leave the old customs. What old customs are not good for children?

OneShave lanugo

Many places have such old custom of fetal full moon hour to shave lanugo, such as baby's hair was president of the double thick. Also Never mind the child's hair is thick with shaving lanugo half cents, with the genetic, nutritional status, identity related. Shave lanugo a careless but will risk to the baby hair follicle, cause hair more scarce.

Twodo sth. unreasonable

The child will become quite the nose constantly squeezed, there is no science in accordance with. The baby's nose bones have not development is perfect, must look owe good, you often pinch may not change quite, but will make the child's nose bone damage, leading to the collapse of the nose. At the same time, children often pinch nose, can destroy the nasal mucosa, resulting in serious resistance decreased, also appears in otitis media.

ThreeSleep head

Sleeping type is not scientific, especially in children less than 6 months. Child skull is relatively soft, hairstyle is not fixed, with a hard pillow sleep hairstyle, but will let the headform more ugly, innocent is good. General foreign children are 1 years later with a pillow, also do not see the head what is ugly.

candle bag

Candle package in terms of the child is indeed suffer, you the envelope itself so tight see Shu uncomfortable, moreover is a child. Give the child package so tight a is affecting the child's blood circulation, let the children sad; the second is conducive to the child's body perspiration, it is easy to let the children the prickly heat.Mushroom faculty, a pediatrician, want to consulting about preparation of pregnancy, pregnancy care knowledge can concern micro channel public number [mogu57] and most grounded pregnancy, parenting knowledge exchange share.

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