Too late to sleep in separate bedrooms daughter have sex

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Too late to sleep in separate bedrooms daughter have sex

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Confessions of a mother: this work is very difficult, hard to say, but my daughter now really sad. This daughter is 12 years old, often played in a road with some social punks and according to my investigation found an even more amazing job, such a small daughter has more than 3 times the. When I asked her for a moment, her answer made me very angry. She said, "isn't that so?""

"Who told you to be between men and women?"

"You and dad!"

This is the answer I did not expect, then I went to help the doctor to know the psychological work of the:

Daughter always and we sleep in a room, until the age of 9 was separated, but did not expect to her misleading is in 5 years old start, a day night we "message" seems a little big she found initially mistakenly think that we are in the fight, she is very serious, but slowly she know this is how to return a responsibility, incredibly start to our movement became curious, even waiting for, actually also learned to pretend to sleep listening.

She 11 years old graduate men in the seduction of names. We always do not know this thing, just do not know from what hour beginning she began Costume Institute itself, is very enchanting. According to the doctor said she was seduced not feel serious, sincere and even fear, but the feeling between men and women is such ". Since then to become indulgent. When my husband and I know this thing regret and resentment unceasingly, gnash one's teeth in hatred, blame itself is not as early as possible so she Lingding sleep just give her misleading even now such.

Whenever parenting experts heard such work always feel sorrow and misfortune, children because of curiosity peeping behavior, premature to occur fun, fantasy and waiting, the reason are because of the parents to the bad example, no early and children space to sleep so that they can have a peep at the opportunities easily excited child sexual precocity and puppy love and sex premature, on children's mental health caused by adverse effect.

Late with the children sleep in separate bedrooms work than this one:

A pair of couples have a daughter, a son, because of the limited room son to 10 years only the room itself, when he reached the 13 years development of the spring and autumn hour that daughter hanging on the outside of the underwear is always dirty, later mother observes discovery is the son, still son phone found objectionable Videos.

How old the child self sleep more appropriate?

5 years old, parenting experts recognized the best allocation by the end of the spring and autumn, in order to 5 years old housing more easily, experts recommend children 3-6 months of the hour can with mom and dad cent bed housing, so that children have independent small bed, children over 6 months to want to separate is very difficult, so from an early age I began to cultivate the child independent sleeping habits. The habit can be divided into the room from the child at the age of 3 began to cultivate, the latest no more than 5 years old, or more difficult.

After the mother unspeakable pain

Home and the elderly live all the way down, convenience give Gu instrumental children, did not think the grandmother of the child is very doting, whenever I say to let the children individually sleep hour she came to stop, said the child is too small, in case of crying can give Gu instrumental, the children go to bed without sincere preferences kick the quilt, with adults sleep in a way can be helper to cover the quilt, prevent children from catching a cold, said: "your husband hours is not so with you. I see at the moment is no problem, you more." Children now have more than three years old, still like to sleep in her grandmother's arms, do not want to sleep on their own death, it is difficult to pay, but also no one can understand, it is too difficult to implement themselves.

Don't use the housing Sunzhao, be more inseparable

The four year old Mandy watched 5 years old, was still reluctant to sleep, often rely on to parents bed, dad is sharp the hit single, she said: "you don't go to bed, mom and dad room have wolf is coming, and you do not listen to also have terrible demons to expeditiously to hide in the room itself to sleep." The results did not expect the child after listening to frighten crying, then the future is very dark, more inseparable.

Look at the children sleep in separate bedrooms work also need parents a lot of cored, cannot because doting and delay, the bigger the inseparable, the delay can not, so housing should be already not later, but also to pay attention to the way of style, should not urgent relief. Recommendations in the housing after 3 years old baby and kids too early to lack of sense of security, but also had better not across 5 years old, too late will impact on children psychological cause.