4 year old child "to kill me, such a child, mom and wife, how can I do

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4 year old child "to kill me, such a child, mom and wife, how can I do

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Each of the parents all hope that their children can probably grow tall plump, city of the nutritious food left the children to eat. Usually small and skinny children are eating less, resulting in nutrition can not keep up, in order to avoid the child's body thin many parents are racking their brains to allow children to eat as much as possible.

4-year-old son, clever wisdom lively and lovely, ordinary his mother and grandmother are doting son, son want to eat what, think why can satisfy the son may itself is too busy, too few opportunities to close with his son, so do not feel anything.

See son than small peer partner thin many, I and his mother's statures is very high, 185 I, wife of 173, his small partner shorter than their peers, psychological is not the taste. At every meal, the son is eating half of the run, I think before meals to eat snacks. I am a child mother, she said that the son of an ordinary day to eat biscuits and jelly, yogurt, eat a lot every day.

So I began to educate his son, the child does not eat, can not grow up fast, children should eat more to be liked. Each one said this kid still persist one's old ways, dragging grandma's hand to go, children, said several times after I also too lazy to care about.

One night the child does not eat, grandmother knelt on the ground to a baby don't cry, ye do not eat ye eat jelly, other mother also beside comfort said with a, "my mother is a bad guy, don't let the baby eat rice." I work just to see this scene makes me very angry.

Environment clear ask just know: his mother fed him to eat rice, chew don't chew and spit it out, said to eat jelly, mother gently took my butt and threatened baby if you don't eat in the future will not give yogurt him to eat, it stirred up a hornet's nest, lying on the ground began to cry.

I listened to the environment to carry him up, he did not cry, because he was afraid of me, I said, "baby, not eat rice," I do not cry, he did not cry, he put the bowl to come over, to feed him. This page should put a knocked jobs, I am angry, directly according to the ass mercilessly beat two slap in the face, direct pumping, then he burst into tears, cry almost a ghost like.

I look more and more angry, picked up and hit, my mother took me, and said he would like to play and I desperately, then his son crying, crying, said: "my father is a bad father, I want to kill you!" I heard more angry, this small cattle, was used to become like this! I picked him up and he came out of the door.

I went down to throw him into the car and sat, lock the door firmly, to drive away, wanted to took him to the education company, did not think of my wife and my mom drove to catch me, the car in front of me a cross, two the ego begins to beat my window glass and asked me what to do? I said to take him to the company a good education, my mother had said that I do not give him the grandson died in front of me! My wife is more like a bad wife, crying and crying......

I am very helpless, such a son, such a mother, how can I do? How children should be educated?

Small make up feeling:

What happened to the child effect on the black white, good bad, I believe that is the parents heart all met children to ignore Yu asked parents should not to compromise, from an early age should educate their children what to do what cannot be done.

On the example above, the child is clearly have been spoiled by the parents, so a not satisfactory can straightforward crying, thus threatening to a goal in itself.

Doting does not love children, but hurt the child. Many examples tell us, doting will ultimately let the children lead to you most is not willing to see the appearance, greed, personality arrogant perverse, general lazy without the law, not understand etiquette, no elders, cowardly cannot not withstand difficult...

After all the children to grow up, he needs to face their own independent life one day, not for your pet him for a lifetime?

Small series suggest the father to do: work outside try to smoke more when accompanied by a child and communicate with their children, understand children happy love, encounter a problem, more is must have the patience to guide their children, not sell. This style I think any child can not take over, and it is difficult to set up a close passion with you.

There is to find a wife and mom really talk about the risks and advantages and disadvantages of the family and the family said clearly. To gain recognition and understanding of the family. For an accurate way to love children instead of doting.

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