If you have a daughter, do these 4 things for her!

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If you have a daughter, do these 4 things for her!

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Do you think love is the big girl will encounter the problem? When the mother and daughter love without the slightest relationship? See below the mother partner resume, you will be overthrown established thinking!

My classmate's daughter's work, to remind me!

My classmate Xiao Li is the daughter of the school teachers please go to the conversation, the conversation is her daughter zaolian.

Qian Qian is boarding school, every two weeks to home once, so Xiao Li to Qian Qian environment and not very understand, but she knew that a recent period of time, Qian Qian achievement greatly dropped.

According to Qian Qian teacher said, she took the ten years of students, high school students puppy love a universal phenomenon is in the era of love, improve achievement of boys, girls achievement decline, often a fruitless sentimental romance. The girls were level to more than boys Daliang.

Boys and girls in puppy love, the boy to to girls showed excellent itself often make some achievement, but the girls are often about love, whole the ego is only in their own feelings the, only care about the boys for their own good, and don't care about their achievements. The child's feelings may not have the results, but her daughter's future is likely to be delayed.

Since such, if you have a daughter, must in the early stages of her enlightenment, give positive guidance, try to nurture childhood girl feelings of self. In this process, the specific need to do the following 4 things:

1First of all to avoid the daughter of a small moment to let her watch love drama

Parents with children often will be to coax children to play, while watching tv. A big department at the moment the television broadcast of the family drama, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, the young couple in love. If it is a boy, they are concerned about the TV drama is relatively few, but the girl in a very small hour, it will be the feelings of men and women of the subject matter of pleasure.

A kindergarten teacher said, their class a three and a half years old little girl saw small garden flowers, he said to a little boy, you go to the flower off, then come with me to marry him. Yesterday, the uncle of the TV is like this.

Masters when joke in listening to one thing, in fact, reflect the little girl's parents is to let children all the way and they watch romantic drama, the melodramatic plot actually to the girl is kind of emotional guidance, let the children early contact with these premature.<1Two3>

2To tell the story of the daughter of the hour, try to choose the story of the uplift of self-relianceGirls in contact with the fairy tale of the hour, often like some of the prince and princess love stories, stories of that beautiful picture, inside the princess lofty Peugeot, the prince is painting Suke Toshiro, many of the young girl to see all of these stories, will very early initiation of a desire to touch to their prince charming feelings. So in the selection of stories can select some girl personality stubborn, kind, clever, witty, the story of diversified subjects, width of some guidance.<12>


The girl rely on parents and psychological education, especially from the mother's education of each other's concerns, if mother's personality independence and love, I believe in her uncles daughter will have the same quality, girl economic independence, personality independence, you also worried about her feelings can rely on?

If you have a beautiful, Chloe's little princess, please you must do for her above these four things, it is not a matter of success or failure, just pure to let them take some detours less only!

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