Want your baby to speak early, communication should be clever! Communication "golden moment", you seize it?

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Want your baby to speak early, communication should be clever! Communication "golden moment", you seize it?

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[parent child communication how to say expert micro review]The development of children's language ability, can not be separated from the scientific guidance of parents. The daddy found communication with low months baby "golden moment", to the novice parents sent a key to open the door to baby communication.

Author: if you swim

Half of my old baby, recently often stretched sound "hem" and also the continuous variable two or three, like singing in practice. This song brings us a great surprise to the audience. Us or together with her "koongpa", or she hummed right after clapping response. Baby received a point of praise is very happy, and continue to hum a section...... Baby's language ability, so a day to grow.

Communication with low month old baby. I wrote before two essays, were about to communicate with the props, what to say and how to say on the topic (see link at the end of the paper), the talk about in a day what time and low monthly age child communication effect is the best.

It is said that the adults kept talking for a moment, can better exercise the baby's language ability. However, more than half a year to practice, I found that in different scenarios, the effect of communication is very different.

Good communication is to make sure your baby is able to focus on what you have to say and respond to it.To achieve high quality communication needs is the condition of the two words - focus.This requires parents and children to establish and maintain a connection, the two sides should be calm and focused, to eliminate noise (tension, irritability, etc.), in order to ensure the quality of communication.

I watch my baby.There are several "golden time", is relatively easy to communicate, the effect is better:

Wake up

My baby just woke up, especially just slept long, is absolutely the most close to the angel of the time of day. No matter how much the usual toss, no matter how many rounds of crying before going to bed, the moment will become very tender. Two eyes look at you with deep affection, quiet and concentration. Well, the best parent-child communication and learning time, a moment also don't hesitate, rhythmically to teach her to speak can also be softly to read to her.

Intimate contact

Baby can let you intimate contact, are usually more calm and relaxed, lots of parenting books are also mentioned, bathing and massage is the perfect opportunity for parent-child communication.

My baby just in the bathtub, and a little frightened,, familiar with the feeling of bath water, immediately relax, lying comfortably in bed bath, two hands is the basin edge. The baby a "ready" signal, we will quickly follow, while washing while talking, "wash baby's small arms", "count how many fingers", "now to wash the feet of the Ya Ya!"... Let the baby feelings flow and the palm of the hand touch at the same time, hear the words of the corresponding parts of the body, in the brain will continue to leave a memory, slowly can understand body language and the corresponding relationship.

The process of massage and bathing are similar, is to strengthen the sense of different parts of the baby. The difference is that parents and children touching is more direct and flexible skin contact, parent-child interaction is more further. Lay a good massage oil, while we touch massage, while the baby softly and communication, the give me your left leg, once, twice "." now I want to pat on the bum myself... While enjoying the comfortable massage, the baby will also use smiling face and a variety of voice to respond to us, at this time the language of communication, it is more likely to be accepted and memory.

Fun game

In game time the baby will have a little excited, but is still relaxed state, holding her in the mirror, playing with the toys on the bed, tongue to make grimace expression, what games are good, though, and she said, in the joy of the game of increased verbal communication. Of course, in order to develop the language ability and auditory system, can be more language class game. For example, read together, flash cards, listen to songs, pretend to call, imitate a baby "speak", to her when the family tour guides, communication and language learning edutainment.

Small reunion

In my family, this time is mainly applied to the mother. Just entering the door, or leave for some time to come back, the baby will be eager to see the baby looking for her mother, will focus on her mother. At this time the mother picked up the baby, the child to communicate with a special effective rate, of course, this process is relatively short, the mother to be adjusted with the baby, as long as possible to leave each other.

By surprise

Finally, there is a can not be met for the non fixed time, as I mentioned in the beginning of the sudden "little love song", or the baby suddenly issued a strange sound, are required in a timely manner to capture the moment, parents need to stay sharp, hurry up to language communication connection.

In addition to the above these golden moments, in fact, most of the time parents are in solving various problems, such as hungry to suck the breast, sleep to be not worn downtown feel, tired of playing began to be agitated, a lot of problem solving process was unable to establish a connection, even can't make a sound.

Therefore, met fleeting moments of gold to take advantage of, while you and your baby's eyes relative, attention in your body, as far as possible to speak, communicate, games, parents and children of the "effective" communication time extension.The quality and efficiency of communication is better than the simple time.

In addition, do not worry about children do not understand the problem. In the children's emotional state and external information can absorb, accumulate over a long period of repetition in language communication, in the baby's memory and language abilities to positive effect, speech rhythm and intonation, including some of the words will remain in the baby's mind.

Now with my baby said some specific scenes, she can recall from memory. For example, to go out, we usually say a sentence "the baby to go out myself", whenever they hear the word "gate", she will be dancing, to look at the direction of the door; or singing nursery rhymes, the baby can hear a familiar melody, grinned smiled to you.

There is nothing better than to see the baby's growth and progress, but also to make parents happy. For the growth of language skills, I would like to say is that the parent-child communication can not be less, choose the right time is very important!

Come here to tell you: and low month old baby to communicate these tools can not be less

So and low month old baby to speak, the baby is more intelligent!

(author brief introduction: if the tour, reporter for five years, is now a 0 year old nubao daddy, try to perceive the world with keen powers of observation, and daughter grow up together.

The headline number has more than 30 education science, psychology, sociology, communication science background, experts and scholars, will and activity number (micro public: parent-child communication how to say) working to promote the quality of parent-child communication, "you asked me to answer" is already enabled. Welcome attention!

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