Do these 8 points, the pursuit of your child's opposite sex is estimated to be around the earth two circle!

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Do these 8 points, the pursuit of your child's opposite sex is estimated to be around the earth two circle!

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The author, Wang Ronghui

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Focus on "sensory development" and "movement development"

My wish is: let the baby eat Chinese, play well, sleep well!

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Parents are looking forward to their family's little princess grew up is like this: upright posture, distinguished air of elegance and coquetry.

However, one not careful, the little princess grew up like this: flat chested, humpback, neck forward.

I like the value and talent of mold.

I hope my little prince grew up:

As a result, one is not careful, there is no prince into this appearance?

Isn't that what I'm saying?

Is me! (Wang Ronghui to cry ~), for so many years and I was my mother talking about, friends "contempt", is because with thoracic kyphosis. I really regret ah, such a big white legs long (long legs is true, the weekend for you). All these years I don't like you such self drying, even to find a husband are only willing to find a ugly, lest he abandon I (this never let my jump Dad see, or do not know who to move bricks).

So, when I did my mother, my daughter was held to my chest, my first thought is: she will not be like me, the ugly duckling, chest, no body no confidence? Until one day, in the classroom door to see my dear jump girl with a chest sat on a small chair in the kindergarten, and the star mother heart: what the world 500 strong outstanding manager, what hundreds of thousands of annual salary, I just want to turn the clock back in exchange for, I just want to do a world best mom!

God, if you can give me a jump girl with a perfect body cheats, I am willing to give you everything!

I like this move, even with my family to jump the girl is like ~.

Hey, you really don't jump, girl when I was 4 years old I really found it. Of course I did not give it all to God, is to pay hundreds of thousands of tuition fees. See, this cheats but I studied for several years, and made hundreds of thousands of tuition, today is free for everyone to share!

The secret to everyone to remember, called"More than and 3", "two" and "three not".


How to lie

0-6 months is the baby's golden prone period!6 months later also do not miss any opportunity to let your baby prone!

Shaping lordosis after Alice figure is the key point of the four physiological spine bending formation, and bending and crawling for spinal physiological bending formation has long been of scientists, research has confirmed. 6 months after the baby's birth,A large amount of proneLet the baby have more opportunities to look up, thisThe cervical lordosis permanent neck bending forming is very favorable. 6-12 months of crawling movement to promote the neck bending continue to firmly, generally in the basic form of 1 years old.

Victoria's secret is still under the guidance of coach practice how to lie.

Wang Ronghui small class:

Physiological curvature of the thoracic spine at birth has been basically formed, but will be affected by the acquired incorrect posture, such as incorrect posture, standing, and so on. Therefore suggested premature mother don't let the baby sitting, standing, also regularly for baby sitting and standing posture is evaluated, timely correct bad posture.

Early prone to better promote the development of the upper arm, chest, back muscles, while the muscles around the spine if not with the development of the spine will also lead to spinal problems.



8-12 months of the hand and knees crawling on the baby's lumbar physiological curvature of the formation is very important, the development of the spinal cord directly affect the development of lumbar physiological curvature of the formation of the baby 3 months after the waist up to the waist is conducive to the development of the spine upright. In addition, 12-18 months of poor gait also affect the formation of lumbar spine. The lumbar physiological curvature of development is not ideal cause kyphosis, the bending at the age of 6-8 when fully ripe.

With sacrococcygeal physiological convex bending and backward lumbar is key to ensure a seamless heavenly robe our ass "Alice". This is the same as the physiological curvature of the thoracic spine, which is developed in the fetal period.

It is very good girl ~ love

Lying prone and crawling not only can promote the formation of physiological curvature of the spine, but also promote the development of muscle, and these muscles to maintain the spine bend, protect the joints, to maintain good posture and other significant.

Wang Ronghui small class:

It is no exaggeration to say that a good body isLieandclimbOut of!

Did not give the baby to lie prone! It is strongly recommended that the baby is born every day when you wake up as much as possible, 4 months of the baby's daily prone time should not be less than 1.5 hours! From 6 months to 13 months,Baby crawl time is best not less than 500 hours! If you can accumulate a total of 800 hours to crawl may make the baby become more beautiful, more intelligent, more optimistic!


Swimming and climbing!

If your baby is not how to lie too, no matter how to climb, that must not tender a missed the best opportunity to remedy: swimming, climbing, suspended! Breaststroke and butterfly for body shaping has a positive role, climbing can not only exercise the coordination, can also be a good exercise the back, hip and leg muscles.

Wang Ronghui small class:

I can swim 1.5 hours every week, at least 1200 meters in 4 days. She also enjoyed the feeling of being free in the water, and she said she felt like a little dolphin.

I tried to recommend swimming to all my mom, because it's really too much:

1, to promote the development of the baby's touch;

2, promote the coordination of the body;

3, to promote the development of the spine;

4, to promote the integration of the brain capacity;

5, the body will be more slender.


Sit less"WSitting posture

Generally due to the muscles of the hip joint relaxation, the baby often during the crawling W sitting posture. But the baby can walk alone should avoid this sitting posture, so as not to affect the legs and walking posture. (more "W sitting", please look at the end of the text to expand the reading)

Wang Ronghui small class:

If the child has continued to W sitting for some time, his legs and back muscles will not be stretched and there is a sense of tension, this situation will allow children to practice with"India" sitting - legged on the front of the body in the front of the body, bending the knees outward, from a few minutes a day began to gradually increase the time. This posture is the best practice of the day, the gravity will help to stretch the muscles inside the thigh.

Some of the kids in the practice of "India" posture may find it difficult, sitting sometimes humpback or leaned back, it is because of the long-term "W" sitting for their body of a certain muscles stretched too tightly, can not adapt to the correct posture the. Parents can let him sit with his back to the sofa or furniture, to help relax the back muscles, and for him to talk about the story with him, to distract him from the physical discomfort.

The day after the baby was closely linked with perfect posture, different kinds of behaviors in infants. In order to let the baby have a perfect body, when the mother can really want to worry about everything.

Due to reasons of space, today and everybody share before 4 o'clock. Tomorrow I will keep you and mother share Xiapian "perfect posture".


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