Do not doubt the reality: the child is really tired? But it's much easier to understand the child's temperament!

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Do not doubt the reality: the child is really tired? But it's much easier to understand the child's temperament!

2016-07-21 02:46:20 343 ℃

"You see, my child is crying, crying, tired, I want to do?"

"You see, my child to how to make her some of the more daring, to the new environment she always exhibit a timid, is really worry dead."

"You see, my child is a little silly girl, where all the silly happy, a day is not afraid of, not afraid of appearance, what all want to try, such a love for the child is to toss about life."

There is a difference between the child's temperament, the child's performance will be a big difference! Temperament is a kind of stable psychological characteristics in the strength, speed, flexibility and direction, and so on. In the study of psychology is people cognitive classification of temperament including: more sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric, melancholic four types, with the understanding of the basic character of the four temperament, we easily can tell their children belong to the kind of temperament types, according to different temperament types for the emotional guidance, often can get twice the result with half the effect.

Multi blood child:Such as mentioned above, love crying, crying with a loud voice, quick mood changes, where is to toss about the spirit of children in general are sanguine temperament, they what are interested, but the interest in toys, often changing, there is no fixed long-term like toys.

A mucous child:Where are quietly, a toy to play a half day, don't utter a word, no noise, especially good with children in general are phlegmatic temperament, their reaction speed is not fast, can restrain all impulses, good communication with people, crying mood a little comfort can calm down, a group of children are playing even meet her favorite toy is children away it would not show anxiety and anger, emotion control ability.

Bile child:Likes jumping likes jumping, ass simply sit down, in the face of setbacks showed strong uneasiness, especially afraid of his toys by peers away, play together with friends in special "protect" their own toys to children in general are choleric temperament type.

Depressed child:Have a class of children are particularly vulnerable to sensitive, mom leave she will cry, toy snatched will be sad, and kids associating together when some eccentric behavior, like a loner, rather own playing in the dirt is not willing to and children who lost handkerchief, the children generally belong to depressive temperament types.

Every child has a different temperament, but the temperament is not completely isolated, and may reflect the various types of temperament in a child, but to their tendency of strong temperament types, proper guidance, suit the remedy to the case, is to help children learn about emotions, is to obtain survival experience important lessons.

First, mucus and depression to activate

My daughter belongs to typical phlegmatic temperament, at about 1 year of age she can quiet sitting there listening to an hour story and irritability, to get new toys don't show out much excitement, to be snatched away from the friends of toys is not showing much anger. In many of her friends let her perform a program when she showed a retreat, apathy and fear. Kindergarten's attention concentration, stamina, attention than the kids in general performance slightly prominent, but in and friends, brave to express themselves, show themselves and mature interpersonal skills show a lot of difference. Because of her personality characteristics, in accordance with the characteristics of her life, to stimulate the child more and more active expression of self.

Encourage children to express their desire

When the daughter in the toy store to see some of the toys are eager to show the eyes, I will ask her if she likes a toy. If my daughter doesn't say what she's thinking, I'll take her out of the toy store, and if she's bold and wants a toy, I'll meet her.

Encourage their children to say "no".

In the children loved the small Toy Fox snatched, although she reveals the sad mood, but she did not cry and make noise, just quietly flow under a few drops of tears, hum a few words, ran into my arms for comfort.

At this time I will encourage her brave say no, brave from the other children in the hands of the toy to come back, but encouraged her to say "let's play together"!"

Create conditions for her to find more friends

Because the temperament show she is relatively quiet, in order to more into the circle of friends, to encourage her to learn more social experience from other brothers and sisters, I again and again to organize all kinds of theme party or a community garden throw handkerchief, or is in the forest a were observed in spring leaves the game, in this process encouraged her daughter more participation and expression, with a variety of activation of children.

For phlegmatic, melancholic children. In the process of managing their emotional development, more should is activated, activate their interest in things, activating their social emotion, activate their new knowledge and interest and activate their self cognition, activate their new understanding of the brave.

Two, the quality of bile blood to "convergence"

And for the sanguine and choleric children, because their itself is very outgoing, born with a use of energy, in life parents to do more is a "collection" process, folded the child's excited and irritable, pack up their cries and vexatious, pack up their Zhanshanweiwang pride emotions to help them better control of their emotions, as in life exhibit a variety of emotional ups and downs.

For this kind of temperament of children, many parents will use: ability, social communication ability is outstanding, bold, brave and words to praise their children, this kind of temperament of children they belong to the generalized positive temperament, large amount of their activities, strong body skills, picky, crying, their own ideas, for such children, parents should guide the children learn to convergence of their emotions.

Learn to transfer the child's emotions

Also in the toy store, my daughter even like a toy may not easily express their desire, and my niece in the toy shop hate may not be all toy stores have moved home and if you do not meet the desire of her most want to take away the toys, she is very possible in the toy shop instantly wail.

Also to buy a toy, I encourage my daughter to express her desire and satisfy her desire, for her niece, we strive to control her desire and encourage her to remedy the consequences of her actions.

The training of attention is not necessary.

Life in the bile and blood more than the child's attention more time, we want more to help children to extend the attention, to tell the story of the child is a great way.

From a simple story, from 5 minutes to 10 minutes to 20 minutes, the child can be more and more time to listen to the story of the story, the child's attention focused on the longer. Children hate some special attention training, but they will never hate their parents to give them a story, parent-child reading is used to train the child's attention, as long as parents to children with patience will be able to more active management and regulation.

Activation and convergence is not in contradiction, in individual children gradually mature, we in addition to feeding, but also help the child's emotional to develop together, in the process if the positive guidance more and more, children will show a more active and also to earlier and better regulation and management in their emotions.