Baby, your tears, I fear in the heart fibrillation!

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Baby, your tears, I fear in the heart fibrillation!

2016-07-23 03:33:25 298 ℃

Qiqi seven months, recently found he often cry, cry is particularly large and sometimes crying voice is not the also don't breathe, face flushed, stiff body, almost back to breathe, Dad quickly pinch only slowly over. He can't breathe, tense mom and dad's heart in a twinkling mentioned throats followed Zhan, suffocating, Qiqi slow over time, mom and dad before long out of breath, a hanging in the heart slowly landing! The baby cry passed, is really "scared" baby his parents. Has been several times, mom and dad do not worry, take him to the hospital to check CT, the doctor said no problem, there is no problem in the lungs.

Later, Qiqi parents found the law, as long as Qiqi unhappy, it will be so crying. For example, when hungry, immediately mouth to eat, because the small milk, powdered milk needs time, but Qiqi to regardless of that, his mental activity should is such: "I want to eat, I will eat now, I will immediately mouth to eat, do not give me to eat I cry, I tried to cry." In the middle of the night and slept in a dazely father heard his first cry, faster than the reaction was late for work immediately climb up to the powdered milk, mother beside Qiqi nervous coax, constantly pay attention to he also is not back to breathe, rush rushed good milk powder sent to Chi Chi mouth, slowly stop crying, mom and dad nervous a head sweat.

Qiqi each hungry, urine, unhappy unhappy, will use this only means, but why the only means like a sharp sword general Chuo of mom and dad's weakness, mom and dad like experiencing the countless war without smoke of gunpowder, finally defeated the enemy, but always worry about highly nervous, do not know each other when attacked again.

Some people say that a child a day to cry a few times is normal, but Qiqi this situation, mom and dad really did not dare to let him cry, do not know when to back off, so go on, and it is easy to spoil him. Parents met love crying children how to do?

The crying child, we have to move:

The child crying, parents must first understand the reason to cry, and then to move. 1 cold hot or pull the urine, the parents to the child in time to wear less clothing, changing diapers. 2 is hungry, before going to sleep, give him drink a little milk. 3 is not indigestion, recommended to eat some help digest food. 4 is not the lack of a sense of security, then hold a hug, softly to appease him. 5 if the child crying badly, it is recommended to go to the hospital in time to check whether there is an uncomfortable place. Original works, reproduced please indicate the source!