How to do naturally from the milk?

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How to do naturally from the milk?

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In an article I wrote, my baby had very long a period of love milk period, over a period of time really is let me almost to the point of collapse, many treasure mom will because the baby every day hanging himself in milk and can not stand, ultimately chose to wean forcefully, to tell you the truth, I have also a good several times had the idea to be weaned, but I eventually, it's just a thought, I am very grateful to think of grandma, she from think birth until natural weaning, never issued a dissenting voices, has been encouraging and supporting my breastfeeding.

From the moment I was pregnant, I had determined the confidence of my breast feeding, and I did it. From think was born, to think about five months. I have always been pure breastfeeding, to think about a year and a half, haven't added to milk (or rather, she do not drink milk, but from one and a half years later, their daily will initiative to drink milk, so breastfeeding mom don't worry about your baby does not drink milk), until 23 months, baby naturally out of milk.

The hardships of this process, torture, happiness, and touched, only the mother of breast feeding and natural milk from the mother can deeply understand. To have been questioned to the shortage of milk a year later began to hear voices of opposition, the milk has no nutritional, a year and a half after the last baby feel ridiculed the sights and sounds (so big, also feeding it? It should have been broken.

I want to say: none of your business?

Although there are so many love nosy uncle aunt love thwarted, but I still stick to the natural milk.

Now tell me about my natural process! (it may be a bit long, I hope you intend to leave the milk of the mother of the treasure can be carefully read)

I think it belongs to the kind of 24 hours together, so, we should also be listed as the most difficult weaning mother and daughter!

Before watching a lot of treasure mom are recommendedBand aidIn the way, think about a year old when we return home, grandma and grandpa, I have done such an experiment, a band aid on the nipple, and then told to think, "zheizhei" is injured, (this is our code word, "zheizhei", because she is the nipple) never before I have seen with the nipple, so when she saw, feel very panic, also very distressed "zheizhei" appearance, immediately after the blow, and then put the lid on, one morning, did not find the milk to eat, sleep until noon downtown, she started crying a little, but still couldn't find milk, because of the weather. Hot, plus I didn't want to stay true to her weaning, so at noon I think and say: think of eating, "zheizhei" to think, look, then frowned and said "ah ~" means the injured, do not eat, I put the band aid Take away, to her look, said: "zheizhei" has been good, she was very happy, and then it is close to touch, I suddenly feel that if I give her a break, she will be more disappointed ah!

(One year old baby is indeed very good weaning, but I do not recommend this, the reason for reference to my previous article, "baby love milk how to do?" ", of course, I do not support the band aid approach, like many parents know the nipple lotion will on the baby's psychological trauma, putting a band aid will not you? Why let your baby down? So just tell him that you can't eat, because of injury, so he is still forced to eat, rather than their own do not want to eat, so, the baby and the mother will feel somewhat regret it!)

Think love milk period should be continued until 1 year and 4 months, after a period of love milk, obvious feeding times decrease, of my dependence is not so strong. During that time think of is the best care.

After the love of milk, in the evening she usually a points to wake up a milk, eat after sleep until about six o'clock in the morning, (she belongs to early to bed and early to rise makes a child). She wakes up in the morning meal milk is to eat, and she enjoyed that Laichuang feeding time. Then eat three or four times during the day, before going to bed.

IThe first break is the most broken night milkNight, because milk seriously affect my sleep quality, I think the night milk off quite well, just "borrowed" Dad a few late night let dad accompany sleep for a few days, she would wake up at midnight father touch, touch her to touch his face, touch, a shaggy beard, began to cry sad, dad said, do not cry, I take you to your mother, then slowly walked outside, then fell asleep again, second days in the morning she woke up, her father would say: "down, waiting for me to call my mother" when I entered the room, she will be happy feet, then began to enjoy the most wonderful time in her day. A few days after the night has been so, but woke up in the middle of the night not to find mom, but to go to the living room, turn your peace of mind to sleep, about a week's time. In the evening she wouldn't wake up, but sleep all night sleep.

After breaking the night cream, I choseMilk before bedThink super like listen to me about the book, so before going to bed at night I chose speaking picture books to her off before going to bed milk, every night will lecture to her nearly half an hour, about my throat is dry, he spoke of her special difficulties, then straight to sleep, the method, the first day bear fruit. After weaning, many times he is looking at the picture books and fell asleep.

Love like a sucking milk, milk off the night before going to bed, then I would not continue to give her off, because it left in the morning before noon and afternoon around occasionally to eat milk, I choose to let him continue to eat, and then each time I and he said: "think big, do not need to eat," zheizhei ", eat zheizhei" Mom you are even more love you, "or" zheizhei "no water, do not believe you squeeze squeeze" this time she really would squeeze squeeze, occasionally out of a little bit of water, I would say: "ah, there are points, eat and I will tell her, I eat a good? She really only eat one mouthful, slowly, her feeding each time eat only one or two is covered with clothes, each cover will kiss, and during the day to attract his things more. Thus, imperceptible in theThis meal milk did not eat the milk at noon and afternoonBefore noon, because all infants sleep, do not eat after it changed to push the car to sleep.

Morning milkI have no control over, because I also want to sleep in, and then just enjoy her, always let her eat, so from aged seven or eight months to twenty-three months, there has been a habit of feeding her in the morning, but I woke up her out, she would not eat, etc. to think about twenty-two months, we went back to grandparents, grandparents have little rabbit, little duck, every morning she would simply eat a few mouthfuls of milk and then go and see grandma rabbit, I found she had not rely on the nipple, after 61 day, such as when you wake up her morning, she just wanted to nurse, I immediately told her grandmother and see the little rabbit began to go, she still want to eat, I said, the little rabbit is hungry for rabbit to cut the grass, she immediately "ah" sound and then go to grandma. And I see, I think is broken, ranking second day still like this and she said, but she was reluctant to, so I said that a bite to eat and then go to, she added, left, by the third day, the fourth day she didn't eat. Until the fifth day. In the morning she said what also not to go to suck the breast, I said: "think has several days didn't eat" zheizhei ", zheizhei think think about it no longer needed, so it has no water, think of the squeeze, really no water, she didn't want to, and grandma out to play, and thus unknowingly, think about really not suck the breast.

Now when he will wake up in the morning to drink 150ML 200ML milk, 150ML milk drink before going to sleep at night.

In fact, I do not have any way to provide you, the situation is not the same for each child, if you are determined to naturally from the milk, first of all you must let him have adequateSense of security, this is the premise of nature from the milk, or your baby is not likely to succeed naturally from the milk, there is to do during the weaning period:Do not take the initiative, do not refuse, and more guidance, more close. Do this, I think you will be a success.

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