A cry cry on the Fed, these mistakes you are making?

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A cry cry on the Fed, these mistakes you are making?

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Baby cry hold, OK?

Many mom and dad may have such experience, when tearful children, will severely "warning" you, this time not to hold the baby, due to develop children rely on habits. At the moment the mother felt very tangled, do you want to hug him, comfort him restless mood, still ignore him?

When will the baby crying after crying stopped, the baby has been satisfied with the need to clarify. Study indicate,After the baby is born to cuddle properlyEspecially, have episodes of crying baby. This desire is innate, natural. Babies born soon, their audio-visual and other sensory organs are not very perfect. As a result, one of the first ways they are satisfied is the mother's embrace and kiss.

thisIs conducive to the development of the baby's brain and the baby to adjust the moodThe establishment of a sense of security and dependence, and promote the establishment of parent-child attachment, the day after the induction to carry out a more far-reaching significance.

When the child has some independent movement, such as:Stand up, automatic grasping, parents should pay attention to supply for the nursery environment, games and communicate with him instead of always holding, to avoid the shackles of the early child development.

It is appropriate to hold more than the baby can not only give him a sense of security, but also through a sense of the warmth of his father and mother to make it more emotional quotient than other children, butHold the position must be accurate,Otherwise simply affect the growth of the baby bone.

[Abu]: but some of the children themselves do not need to hold, they could sleep excellent, if home over love, regardless of the awake sleep day and night are holding a child, so the child to sleep alone will gradually shrink, will smoothly total let adults hold.

Baby cry to feed, all right?

A cry to feed feeding prone excessive: various organs of the baby in a tender stage, their activities can be very limited, such as digestive organs the excretion of digestive enzyme activities of low contrast, the amount is in contrast with the small. Under these physiological conditions, if excessive feeding, it willIncrease the burden on the digestive organsLead, digestion and absorption.

Mom and dad must have a program of food supply, so that the baby can always maintain a normal appetite.Excessive feeding of brain fatigue. For digestion of food, digestive tract must broaden, limited blood and oxygen from the head is transferred to the digestive tract, brain cells will thus temporarily ischemia, so eat more, gastrointestinal needs more blood. The blood supply to the brain is less and less, damage to the brain.

Overfeeding will promote the baby's brain aging. Study found that premature material because of eating too full after the meal. Increase of tens of thousands of times, obesity prone, and even affect brain development and low intelligence.

[tips]We launched on-demand feeding the baby, but this is not to say that a baby crying must feed. Due to many factors the baby crying, perhaps is wet, perhaps want to hold, perhaps is frightened. Mother should do more than analysis and judgment. If the baby up and take a walk, or to replace him dirty diapers, he'd be quiet to, stop crying, then will be able to without feeding.

Feeding too frequently, on the one hand will affect the mother rest, formed milk less abundant excretion, form each time the baby to eat and not be satisfied and soon also eat a vicious cycle of; on the other hand frequently sucking will make mother's nipple overburdened, simple rupture, pain difficult to endure, cannot lactation.

The baby crying can be divided into three kinds, respectively three kinds of expression not the same meaning:Physiological needs, psychological needs and the signal of illness. Not the same in the baby's crying is not the same, careful observation will be able to read the baby's crying.

The physiological needs is the most common factor of baby crying:

I'm hungry.Then the cry is very loud, and cry when separately rolling back and forth, there will be a small mouth hitting something sucking action.

I'm hot or cold.: baby feel the heat of the afternoon, often cry very red in the face, head and body are wet; the baby feel cold time, cry some relatively weak, cold hands and feet, body curled, and pale.

I didn't sleep well.: the crying may be sleeping uncomfortable, dream and sleep habit is bad or sleeping environment Qianan and other factors, need timely to the baby comfort, let's let the baby sucking the mother's nipple, perhaps pat patted the baby. After cleaning the physiological factors, if the baby is still crying, may be attributed to the needs of the mind. More emotional questions free counseling counseling aaqgzx,

I want to [play]When the baby wants to cause adult attention, will send a tone of high contrast cries, but generally will not shed tears.

I am angry.: if act in pettish no can cause the attention of mom and Dad, maybe what things to make the baby feel angry, crying now and act like a spoiled brat contrast, sound is higher, and even some shrill sharp.

I am very sad.Baby: feel sad when the crying sound is compared with depression, a bit like mewl.

Baby crying, mom and dad 4 steps to deal with


Timely response

Baby cry, if the father and mother are busy walking in front of the baby, the first to deal with the words, perhaps the baby would not cry, perhaps not so much to cry. To let the baby know that I am someone care, at least the baby will have a sense of security.<1Two3>


Hurried to the baby

If the baby is still crying, deal with, need as soon as possible to the baby and observe his response, in addition to cry what reflect. If the urine, pull, can give the baby to handle it, if it is hungry, can give your baby.<12Three>


To amuse the children

After cleaning the above factors, can make a funny baby, with him to speak, can put the quilt, clothes and a reason, with his play a play, these effects, let the baby get comfort, he does not feel so lonely boring. Can help the baby in the bed to roll out to play a play.


Hug the kids

If so play wasn't enough to make him happy, can further hug a child, let the children in contrast and comfortable environment and the body posture.

Teach us how to judge the baby's needs from crying

1 boring, lonely crying is not very anxious, as it is called people's feelings, will be "ah, ah, ah......" Like in a rhythm, the frequency is relatively slow to cry.

The 2 sick is hoarse, and crying, crying very anxious, giving people the feeling is like to wait.

3. Urine, and pull the might be hungry cry between uncomfortable and two centers of boring, not the beginning frequency is very high, crying is very low, but if there is no response will from the comparison slow rhythm, soon becomes fast paced cry.

Some of the same time, like the same hair, the spleen of the cry and the suffering of suffering is not the same.


: first, it should be observed and analyzed the factors of the baby crying. The baby cried many factors, hungry, urine, pull, lonely, boring and so on, mother must tell why the baby crying, suit the remedy to the case, and the most secure!