Why not give the child night shear nails? Be terrified?

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Why not give the child night shear nails? Be terrified?

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When I was a child, adults always say, at night the kids not to cut nails, because night soul will be concentrated in the nail, once cut, easy to lose one's wits. Terrified the child will not be concentrated, have a fever, the general need to parents with a soul, lost my soul back. So when you are young, you don't have to cut your nails at night. As we grow older, we have been scientifically brain, I will no longer believe that this does not allow children to cut their nails at night superstition. But think about the age of their parents, the reason why the elderly do not have to cut nails at night, or have a certain reason.

1 poor living conditions, poor visibility at night;

The parents of that generation, people a large part of using a candle and oil lamp, the lighting degree can be imagined, watching something vaguely in the evening, if to give the children cut nails, it is easy to hurt the child

2 children nails more fragile, there is no suitable tool

Children's nails than the adults themselves are small also soft. At that time that there is a nail clippers and so on, to the child's nails is to use scissors, not only easy to hurt (foot), and easily infected with bacteria.

So do not let the night in the night to cut nails in that era is still have some of the truth.

As parents, kids nails is inevitable. But a lot of parents and friends should not think,To shape not baby nail trimming, and may cause the baby has even onychocryptosis, paronychia.

Therefore baby nail daily care, parents must pay more attention to.

1, how long the baby nails cut?

The growth rate of baby toenails and fingernails are not the same, so each time interval is not the same. However, when the naked eye can see clearly the length of the baby's nails over the fingers, it shows that the baby's nails cut.

FingernailGeneral 1 weeks pruning 1-2 times

Toenail: generally 1 months to trim 1-2 times can be

2, to the right position of the baby's nails

Let the baby lying in bed, mothers rely on on the edge of the bed, it is best to ensure the comparative stability of the your hand, hold the baby slowly pull to you, choose a suitable location, it is best to in the same direction, with the same angle, thus not because did not see clear cut to the baby's meat. Mother sitting, holding the baby in the body, so that the baby back to himself, but also in the same direction to hold a baby's hand. So that the baby's five fingers can be opened, first pinch to live one of the fingers cut, five fingers in turn round the scissors.

PS: don't catch a row of nails at the same time, if the baby suddenly move, it is easy to injure other nail scissors.

3, the order of pruning

Cut the middle and then repair both ends. With this method, it is more able to grasp the length of the clip, the nail will not be cut deeper. And on both sides of the nail angle could not be cut too deep, otherwise long out of nails easily embedded in soft tissue, become ingrown toenail toenail can damage the skin around the nail, resulting in subcutaneous tissue pyogenic infection, cause paronychia or other inflammatory.

4, barb processing

When the baby barb never pulled his hand, the best way is with a pair of scissors to barb Qi root cut, if cut wound, the amount of iodine can be help children disinfection. The dry season to give the baby hands with no stimulation, oily skin cream, such as lanolin, silicon cream, vitamin E cream etc..

A child's little hand is a tool for children to know the world, children always like to hold things to the mouth of the plug. Mom and dad must always keep the child hands clean, but also to children properly manicured nails, on the one hand to avoid nail filth, and prevent child was his nails scratching.

More attention is the feet of a child, because in the shoes, it is easy to be neglected by parents, wait until the influence to the foot health has on children caused great harm the. Parents should pay more attention to focus on the child's feet development, let the children fully healthy growth. If there is a health problem on the foot, mom and dad can be directly in the background to give us a message, we will do our best to help you solve.

With our love, to provide a healthy and happy environment for our children.

As for how to explore the world, that is the children's things.

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