Notice to prepare pregnant, 8 cases have to choose cesarean section

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Notice to prepare pregnant, 8 cases have to choose cesarean section

2016-07-21 02:49:24 423 ℃

With the development of medical technology now, caesarean section is also gradually popular, many women choose caesarean section, but there are also some women think caesarean section is not good for children, then what kind of situation must perform a caesarean section?

Xiao Bian to tell us what the 8 cases must be carried out by caesarean section!

1, the general first pregnant women, they in the first production when cervical dilation of time longer, it will appear very hard to produce, fetal head can not see, so don't procrastinate, timely section production can be.

2, the best to have a caesarean section, because the first caesarean women, their second birth more difficult, and viscose suture of uterus is not particularly easy to shrink, this time the child is best kept caesarean section is better.

3, fetal distress situation also must be performed cesarean section, under normal circumstances, the placental function is bad or pregnant women themselves have diabetes and high blood pressure should be carried out by cesarean section.

4, if the fetal head too big should also perform a caesarean section, because the fetal head is too big, will not be able to smoothly through the pelvis and the birth canal, then they should perform a caesarean section.

5, fetal position is not, if children are in general not head down, but the buttocks down, or sideways is not conducive to child birth should perform a caesarean section.

6, the placenta of the situation, the general location of the placenta is too low, if the uterus and once stripped, it will appear uterine bleeding, this is very terrible, so the best case of cesarean section.

7, if the pelvis, heart disease or uterine fibroids, it is best not to shun, such cases should be to perform a caesarean section.

8, premature birth, the development of the fetus is not good, this time by the way is not possible, the case of premature birth of the fetus should also be performed cesarean section.

Suggested that the mother or birth, birth because although there are pains, but caesarean section is very painful, but the pain is pain after the anesthetic, can try to birth a good birth. Because the caesarean section of the blade is very deep, but the recovery is relatively slow, is more painful, is not so easy.