Who says eutocia easily? I have experience, had almost killed me.

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Who says eutocia easily? I have experience, had almost killed me.

2016-07-21 02:52:11 338 ℃

Spontaneous recovery is very fast, is suffers, so I in order to be able to let oneself postpartum to faster recovery, resolutely choose the birth, but in the hospital for examination, the doctor said my birth condition can still, so I chose to give birth to children through birth, but the whole process can be said is very suffer, because in the production process of children of the fetal position changes, lead to head stuck in the location of the birth canal, let all the doctor and I feel very nervous.

Itself I in your body is pretty good, conditioning maintenance of pregnancy is very hard, probiotic bases have been taking, the physical delivery should be is not any problems exist, but because I did not expect the fetal head circumference is too big and the labor process the position of a fetus has changed, so that let the labor process is becoming more difficult, was I still have a little tired simply with strength, although the doctor always encourages me, I have always been not very smooth follow doctor rhythm force.

At that time, I was very painful, want to hasten the end of production wanted to please the doctor can caesarean section, but at the time the fetus has entered the birth canal, so that there is no way a caesarean section, and this time choose surgery dig abdomen production and for fetal harm will be very large, and the current the situation still is not, but also very likely to cause fetal asphyxia, so consult a doctor my family, sought the views of side cut, family for fear of adults and children's life was in danger, so I decided to cut side, may be necessary when using forceps.

I was on the operating table mentality has begun to become very nervous, because before the production Lan Lan did not think of the entire production process to be so difficult to, and around the many relatives and friends are produced by children, all with their own introduced a lot of experience, but is completely did not think they will encounter such a serious situation, the entire production process can be said is very suffer, but also encountered several very dangerous situation, so there is no way with the cut side of surgery and forceps to take out the fetus, after the birth of a son crying, let me feel very worth.

Because of the episiotomy suture the three-tier, postoperative need to admire in bed and 1 month can sit to eat, because wounds need good healing in order to restore a bit faster, during the whole month I also did not suffer less, because the weather is hot, episiotomy wound recovery is relatively slow, afraid to take a bath the smelly like, but children are healthy, on the operating table bad much sin will not feel sad.