Baby eczema can heal it? Baby how long it can heal

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Baby eczema can heal it? Baby how long it can heal

2016-07-21 02:58:30 417 ℃

The problem is plaguing many new Jin Bao mother, looked at his heartstrings face or body appear a little red rash, love no. Although it heard the baby eczema can be self-healing, but often still glance right and left, there is an opportunity to to the children's hospital. And often is to the hospital, the doctor promised to heal, or not at ease, so that the doctor prescribe something medicine.

In fact, children with eczema is not so terrible, for mild baby eczema can be self-healing. Because newborn baby's skin resistance is also more sensitive, not enough to resist the outside world a lot of things. So once the stimulation to show a rash phenomenon. For a little rash, parents are not too worried. The baby's own defense system is enough to repair the small eczema.

There is also a kind of self healing is about age. That is, when the baby is older, for example, after 2-3 years of age, eczema will automatically disappear or weaken. This is the growth of the baby with specific circumstances and their own skin inseparable, and can not be generalized. Can be sure that the age of the baby is growing, most of the eczema will be reduced.

At the end of the relationship between the father and mother, baby eczema long time can heal, it depends on the specific circumstances of eczema. It said the baby eczema is not all smooth self-healing. Because the baby eczema is caused by external stimuli to stimulate the. This allergen can be skin contact with chemicals, pollen, dust, it may be the baby to eat the milk in the entrance, etc.. Can judge whether it can be self healing by judging the specific performance of eczema.

1, the baby eczema area is very small, only a few minor rashes (red dots). And no itching (baby won't begin to catch), does not affect the baby sleep, baby will not cry, this can wait baby self-healing, also can for the baby skin appearance smear some medium-sized lotion. Help your baby skin healing, depending on the resistance of each child's own different, usually use the body lotion to do isolation, can be in 1-7 days of infantile eczema symptoms disappeared.

2, baby eczema area is very small, but the emergence of itching eczema. Performance is that the baby will not be aware of the hands to grasp, and the baby's irritability, can not normally rest. Baby eczema of this situation can be self-healing, but it is recommended not to wait. On the one hand, the itching effect on the baby sleep, the impact of growth and development, on the other hand, the baby scratch the skin, will lead to severe eczema and leave scars in the skin, such as defects. Can be for a baby with a positive cloud Tangying Bao Yi skin cream. This is mainly component of Radix Sophorae Flavescentis and Cortex Phellodendri, for removing dampness and relieving itching effect is very good. After smear can let your baby sleep, and the elimination of eczema. In this case, without the use of external agents may not be able to self heal, with the use of non hormone containing herbal preparations can be in the 2-3 to eliminate mild, moderate infantile eczema.