To coax the child to sleep 12 bogey, the last one you must move!

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To coax the child to sleep 12 bogey, the last one you must move!

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Baby's sleep problems but the mother's heart event. However, a lot of time in the coax to sleep, mother easy to make some mistakes or into the wrong. The baby to sleep 12 to avoid, many mothers are caught,Especially the last one, 99% of the mothers can not avoid!


Not containing a tit or pacifier sleep

Some children, must with the mother's nipple or pacifier to fall asleep. In this way, children often wake up after theyunconsciously or pacifier sucking sucking nipples.


1, this excessive eating habits, easy to make the child's gastrointestinal dysfunction

2, after falling asleep, the child is still a small mouth blocking the nipple, prone to poor breathing, resulting in decreased sleep quality, and even lead to suffocation.

3, may affect the normal development of children gums and oral hygiene.<1Two3>


Environment should not be too quiet

Children in general 3 ~ 4 months began to consciously cultivate the anti interference ability to regulate, the baby will sleep in the nature of the family noise background, parents need not in the room on tiptoe around designedly, dare not make any subtle sounds.

However, studies show that about Three0% of the infants, and did not learn to "interference" -- they often have a "trouble" to sleep, or in sleep was awakened. Only in the human, deliberately created the "extreme" a quiet environment to fall asleep, and the environment in reality it is hard to find.


Quilt should not be too thick

Usually in winter, some parents let their children sleep, especially for children covered with thick blankets, do not know too thick quilts are often too heavy, and may even lead to poor breathing. And the quilt in the high temperature will make the child irritability and even crying non-stop, also affect the quality of their sleep.

Let the children grew up in too warm environment to sleep may also reduce the body's resistance to cold, resulting in a child, "fragile", it is worth our vigilance!


Not to fall asleep in the humming sound

In the fairy tale, the children in the mother sound lullaby humming sound sleep is how sweet.

But let's get back to reality.

Let the children used to only hear "humming sound to sleep" should not be advocated.

Children should develop a good habit to sleep, namely: to the method of "natural" self to sleep and wake up still can "natural" to go back to sleep, and not rely on parents, such as shaking humming or feeding and "artificial" approach to help him sleep.


Day should not sleep too long

Don't sleep well sleep too long the children are mostly at night, even a little unhappy crying, make parents and sleepless nights. Studies have confirmed that children sleep at night while the daytime sleepiness of children not only

Growth and development is relatively slow

But alsoAttention, memory, creativity, and motor skills are relatively poor.In addition, the lack of sleep at night will also disrupt the normal secretion of growth hormone, making the immune system damage, endocrine disorders, metabolic problems, easy to get fat.

If the baby during the day and sleep too much, parents can consciously to wake the baby, or tease him to linger a little longer, by adjusting to overcome "the black and white inversion".


Should not always change to take care of people

Some families because adults busy work, and had to change the children to sleep often replace adults, sometimes Dad, sometimes mother, and sometimes grandmother, and sometimes replaced by a nanny......

As everyone knows, for less than a half year old children, often take care of their sleep as the most pro family, it is difficult to make adjustments in the psychological frequent fast.


Should not be too late to sleep

A considerable number of infant 's sleep too late, largely because the parents to lead. (it's all because of us!)

According to statistics, China's 2 to 0 years old infants and young children sleep every day than the United States average of 1 hours less than the same age children,

One of the most important reasons is that the children's parents love the "night life" and generally sleep late, the children also thus shorten the night's sleep time, all kinds of "behavioral insomnia" will occur.

Night sleeping children are more prone to aggressive, may also be associated with ADHD, self-control ability is poor, the spirit is not focused, emotional instability symptoms.


Not right before the children too "in care"

Let your child feel very comfortable "bedtime ritual" (such as pat or massage the child back, broadcasting a gentle soothing music, etc.), parents in the child still awake when leave. Otherwise the children get used to their sleep and parents "in" care closely together, as long as the parents not in, he will be angry unceasingly, wail cry.


Should not rely on "shake to sleep"

Whenever a child crying, some of the young mother resorted to "ace in the hole: hold the child in her arms or into the cradle swing without stop, even the child cry more fierce, mother will shake more vigorously.

As everyone knows, this approach to the child is very harmful, because of excessively violent shaking motion will cause the baby brain in the cranial cavity subjected to continuous vibration and to a lesser extent affect brain growth, while the immature brain and a hard skull collided, resulting in intracranial hemorrhage, which for a period of 10 months of children is especially at risk.



Should not let the children sleep



Some young mother Aiko, love tightly hugged the child to sleep. But the way, being around children breathe not enough fresh air inhaled more is the mother of exhaled gas, on children's growth and health is very adverse, also may be transmitted to the mother's illness.

In addition, hug the child to sleep will also make the space of its free activities are limited,

Even hard to stretch the limbs, so that the child's blood circulation and growth and development are affected by a negative impact


You caught it? Let's take a look at it!!