How long will your child be? Experts to give you a detailed analysis!

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How long will your child be? Experts to give you a detailed analysis!

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Height problem has been the parents are willing to study, a very young, we should even such a memory.

Parents to our height carved on the wall, a period of time to measure once, to see if there is no taller.

There are many determinants of height.The main factors that affect the height are:

1, gene, gene is the height of the decisive factor, this is no way to change, but the day after tomorrow we can adjust the factors.

2, nutrition, can be described as the most important factor in height, but whether it is height or other physiological aspects of development, are about nutritional balance, do not pay too much attention to eat anything that will help children grow.

Now the diet structure, most of them focus on polished rice fine surface mainly, the intake did will affect the child's height, so, it is necessary to pay attention to the collocation and fine collocation, color matching, and species mix.

3, sleep, you can secrete growth hormone, mentioned in the cartilage layer, is in the promotion of growth hormone, to complete the growth of bone. So, still want to develop the habit of children's regular sleep.

4, exercise, can promote blood circulation, enhance bone nutrition, so that the bone density thickening. Help to grow taller exercise with swimming, running, rope skipping, volleyball, basketball, girls can dance ballet.

There is a kind of short stature, called "emotional barrier short stature syndrome", have you heard of it?

This is a name for the children of the children of short stature, this kind of short stature patients mostly lack of maternal love, by the emotional impact of a large, leading to the hypothalamus, pituitary secretion of auxin decreased.

This kind of children is mainly manifested in sleep is not practical, easy to wake up, the lack of a sense of security.

As parents, should be given to the child to provide a relaxed and warm living environment, to give more caress and exchange, reduce the child's disturbing factors.

So in addition to nutrition, sleep, etc., the mother's emotions can also affect the child's height!

So if you want a little children grow taller, in life should pay attention to, to ensure good sleep, to ensure that nutrition, and proper exercise, sleep if long-term exposure to light, lead to precocious puberty, prematurely closed epiphyseal bone line, influence height. It is not recommended to turn on the lights to sleep;

Exercise should be moderate, excessive muscle strain, nutrition, of course, is to have a balanced match, otherwise the child not grown up in anticipation of a little beauty, but Humpty Dumpty is not good.

And the study showed that calcium intake and absorption were only related to calcium deposition in bone, but not in height. Excessive intake, but will be counterproductive, the premature skeletal calcification, calcium tall is not scientific. Children from breast milk intake of calcium, enough to ensure the growth of children. Children over 2 years of age do not advocate additional calcium, 2 hours a day of outdoor activities, will also promote the absorption of calcium.

So, how important are genetic factors?

Some experts said that the impact of children's height of congenital factors accounted for 70%, acquired factors accounted for 30%. Therefore, how to give full play to the children's 30% potential is the key factor for children to increase.

Often see children than their parents high, because this generation of people's nutrition, and so on, is always better than the last generation. Give you an absolute confidence. Male colleague 170cm, wife 156cm, son 19 years old, at present 185cm.

Good grasp of the child's growth, at the crucial moment to do the day after tomorrow, the child may be higher than expected.

According to the authority of China's children's height index, can be used to make a reference to the height of the baby.


According to the data of nine provinces / cities in 2005, the data of the above data were formulated.

References: "Chinese Journal of Pediatrics," the 7 phase of 2009.

The above standard values can be related to the actual height and weight of the child up and down two percentage points.

Do you want to know how long it will be.

Skeletal calcification can be reflected by the degree of bone age, like tree rings can age of reaction, so the parents can be observed by skeletal age.

And bone age can not only predict the child's growth potential, still can determine whether the child precocious puberty, children of parents who tangled in the end be able to grow tall, also can through the bone age prediction. But more bone age used in the diagnosis of some diseases, such as genetic diseases, endocrine disorders, developmental disorders, nutrition disorder.

Method for the measurement of bone age is by X-ray of wrist bone maturation indications were evaluated, because wrist bone block and more species, provide more reference for the skeletal age and wrist measuring bone age of organs of ray has little effect.

Actually, foreign countries have of adolescence, bone age testing method to evaluate the growth development situation is relatively common, the domestic has not been popular. 7-15 years old children can detect bone age, so you can better grasp the child development characteristics, if there is a precocious puberty or other growth disorders, early intervention as well.

But if a healthy child, small is not recommended for bone age testing, after all the rays have harm to the body.

Care for the growth of child care, care for mother health!

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