Too long to see! For a long time did not see such a burning of the children's book!

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Too long to see! For a long time did not see such a burning of the children's book!

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Last weekend, a friend asked me: do you know "S."? I said, "I know". She said that you know her? I said Kangxi came, ah, who do not know. She mysteriously said, I have a small "S" do you want to see?

I made it clear that I didn't want to see it, but she said I had to see it. And send me a picture of the cover:

From the title "the Mysteries: Spy completely manual" you know, this is a book about the spy.

There are two main lines in the book:

The hero "K agent" secret spy technology.

Readers need to interact, through the plug to explore the diary of the story.

The technical part, up brilliant index up up up up, informative, rich picture, and full of sense of atmosphere. Tells the story of the secret intelligence organizations, camouflage, monitoring, a variety of password technology, information collection tools, spy history and so on.

Part of the story, wonderful index up up up up up, tells the story of the protagonist "k agents" to expose a deadly crime organization, he left many clues, you have to go to use their brains to know the truth. This process requires you to decipher the password from time to time, the reading process is really very nervous, stimulating.

Above the pile is one of the books, is the protagonist, "K agent" diary, recorded his October 10, 1957 to October 25th from the task process, as well as a variety of psychological feelings. Readers should be based on the contents of a little bit to decrypt a lot of things. Because of the special nature of his career, so there is no guarantee that see the partner is not a double agent, and the identity once the disclosures and almost die. In this process, he is also easy to be anti surveillance, so you have to be very careful, it is possible to complete those impossible task.

When you finish, you will reach the bottom, on the back cover not only to expose the a startled day secret, you get the a great reward -- a letter new spy recruitment notice:

The design of this book is also very characteristic, not to say that the first plug-in, the book each chapter title below are Morse code. Readers need to book for the method to decipher, to know what is the meaning of:

Of course, reading the best in the process of experience, or those wonderful plug-ins! I simply give you a brief introduction.

Start with the simplest of the first, the first diary will ask you to unlock the "REF/GQ, D.," the meaning of the representative, the tool is the end of the text of the password:

This disk can be active, there are specific password rules, there is a book you can try to decrypt.

The second day began to be more interesting, to see a picture, do you know what this means?

I am also not forced, did not expect to find the mystery of the lamp at:

This shows that the "CODEX" is the book to find the mysterious organization!!

Here's an estimate that a lot of people can understand it:

If you cannot read, teach you a little trick: the power plug up mobile phone here, put your view adjustment into an acute angle. Look like this:

Next I guess the average person can not understand:

At that time, I was also, for a while, before I found the newspaper ads, and some of the words below are very small and very small. This is a way to spy on the transmission of information! Too frenzied! Add a little of the word is the book is very important in this book!

Turn down again:

There is a card in the card, the above are some of the rules of the word:

Without the aid of tools you basically can not know what is the meaning, but one by the use of plug-ins in another tool, magical things happen, see gif:

Through the translation cover, the original messy writing has a practical significance:

With the advance of the story, a variety of more than the magic of the plug-in - spy tools - one by one. We have more than just show these frenzied! I in this is not further spoilers.

And there are some amazing places not picture performance, such as the transmittance of the pinhole, miniature characters, these can only be by the readers themselves to read experience.

Since it is a spy, cryptography is essential. The book has a packet of small plug-in specifically speaking this, a total of 12 kinds of encryption methods, there are 6 types of plug-ins, I take a look at it from the inside of it!

Can you break the meaning of this?

I guess the vast majority of people have no way, because this is a sentence that is encrypted.

MONEY IS IN SAFE HANDS THE (money in the hands of a reliable person).

Someone is sure to ask, why is this? In fact, this is a Masonic Lodge in a called "pigpen cipher" things eighteenth Century. Its coding method is very fun, look at the picture below:

Specific usage is to see the above letter is what fenced, if e and E in the middle Wai up, after the encryption "e" is "mouth", t in the lower left of the left position, around the part of it is a >, so the encryption of the "t" is ">", corresponding to the "U" is "<".

You can use this to decrypt the encrypted information on the above, to see is not the MONEY IS IN SAFE HANDS THE.

If you like, you can also decode my own handwriting:

Tell me yo!

Is not very interesting, I look forward to you to experience this feeling.

, of course, in addition to the diary and plug-in tells the story itself enough exciting, book to introduce the various spy history ah, spy training methods ah, global spy organization, surveillance and counter surveillance, and the use of newspaper information transmission, whisper signal, invisible ink and double agent, even triple agent, history of spy and so on, you if read in one breath, it really is a wonderful feeling, that kind of feeling when you turn the last spy admission notice most shocking!!

And when you closed the book, Yanjuan meditation, his chin in the body of a book, bravery to perform tasks and heroic sacrifice of "agent K" mourning, you are may find another mysterious plugins. When you turn it on and read something inside, that's shocking! I believe you can't believe your eyes, you have to look at the book again, to understand the confusion.

It is said that this is the last egg, many readers have not found. The network with a reader to buy back the book, after reading and put 4 months, in the online see discussed, only to find that thing in the last hidden!

Well, I want to say completely spoilers. Be honest and kind, or give you the secret to uncover!!!!

Finally, I want to and everybody said, whether adults or children, can try to read this book, I believe it will bring you a lot of extraordinary reading experience, do you remember I used to share the magic of the book?? Believe me, it will bring you a lot of happiness as a magic trick. The "left behind" is the mysterious log series Chinese version of the latest book! Because the original title "Spyology", if you like, or you can call it "s"!!!

I can't wait to see you guys!

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