Baby eczema is not terrible, the 5 kinds of massage is not only effective relief also improve the body's resistance

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Baby eczema is not terrible, the 5 kinds of massage is not only effective relief also improve the body's resistance

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Xiao Qi Qi is a premature, little more than nine months can not wait to come out from the womb, mother's milk is not sufficient, so neat mostly eat are formula, mom and dad always attentive care originally weak Qi Qi, for fear of a error.

Since the summer, Xiao Qi Qi in bed but not peaceful, fidgeting also easy to sweat, one day mother suddenly discovered that neat forehead started a red little, thinking of the summer the baby will be more or less some, mom just simply apply some ointment.

After a few days the weather is good, my mother took a year old Qi Qi to the community and the park to go for a walk.

A few days later, my mother found that Qi Qi of the red dots more and more on the face of the neck also gradually began to go out, and more and more intensive, so they quickly take Qi Qi to the hospital to check.

Doctor said Qi Qi is eczema, neat itself is allergic constitution, hot summer, mosquitoes, pollen will stimulate the baby's skin, and milk feeding the baby's resistance is not good, but fortunately Qiqi is not so serious.

The doctor did not recommend to let Qi Baobao eat so many drugs, baby physical weakness, drugs to stimulate a lot, but also counterproductive, but it will inevitably repeat. So the doctor can only open a plaster, also taught some massage method, that is usually mother at home help Zizi massage, insisted for a long time not only can dig up the roots, and good health.

Qi Qi Ma is in accordance with the steps below:

OnePush palm root (yin and yang two pool)

The Yin and Yang of the two pool is located in palm root transverse to the thumb side, Yang Chi, the little finger side Yin pool. Mother with two hands hold the baby's hand, index finger fixing in on both sides of the root of palm, middle finger holding the back of the hand, two thumbs respectively from the palm root stripes in the middle to both sides of the push, probably push for 3 minutes.

TwoPush the side of the thumb (clear and fill the spleen)

ThreePush back the palm (internal eight diagrams)

In the baby's palm to palm a 1 inch radius circle, is the gossip. Mom should use the thumb to push the belly of the eight diagrams, 2 minutes or so can be.

FourThe four horizontal push device

The four horizontal refers to the index finger, middle finger and ring finger, little finger and palm connecting joint stripes at.

Mother a hand holding a baby's hand, palm to on the fingers are closed, another hand thumb radialis from the index finger crease began in turn push to the little finger crease, known as the "four horizontal"; a thumbs up from the index finger crease to finger crease in turn choke, said "pinches four stripes". Push and pinch each adhere to 3 minutes on the good.

FiveOur heart

This lovely little Tianxin points in before palm root large stripes, between yin and Yang in front of that pool pool. Mother needs a hand picks up the baby's hand, with the other hand index finger or middle finger rubbing this place for 3 minutes.

This is only a part of the baby eczema need to massage, the mother must be patient, for the baby's body healthy and strong, the right hand to massage, can not be lazy oh!

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