Baby sudden stomach bleeding in the grandmother's face, the doctor reminded parents to pay attention to

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Baby sudden stomach bleeding in the grandmother's face, the doctor reminded parents to pay attention to

2016-07-21 03:08:44 711 ℃

Child resistance is very weak, in the process of taking care of the baby, be careful to be careful and careful.25 year old Zhang is a white-collar workers in the city, just out of work for more than a year, two years old baby let parents with.

Who knows, this day the parents suddenly called back to say 2 year old baby stomach bleeding! My God. Also heard at the same time are incredible, 2 year old baby will stomach bleeding? No one can believe.

Xiao Zhang scared soul son did not have, leave, did not please go to the hospital.Came to the hospital, the baby has been out of danger, but also needs to be hospitalized for observation, the doctor said your parents are children, how can the things for the children and you mix?

Zhang this just learned that the original grandmother always use their own chopsticks to feed their children, and the baby wash your face with Grandma used to wash the face, the old lady in order to save water.

After examination, grandma infected with a virus, the virus to adults, it is not the so-called, but the child is very powerful, because after all, the child's poor resistance, gastric mucosal vulnerability!

How big a little child will bear such an accident, the baby can't = the grandma!

The doctor reminds us to take care of the child, to pay attention to:

1 don't kiss a child.

Adult mouth will inevitably contain bacteria, and especially when you are not aware of, suffering from a cold, diarrhea, oral disease, epidemic conjunctivitis, tonsillitis and so on disease, a touch of infectious, immune system of children mouth too weak.

And makeup when, be sure to Xiewan makeup to kiss the child, because many cosmetics contain lead, mercury, the female hormone, child resistance is poor, do not let baby lead poisoning!

2 don't tell a child sharing towels, washbasin, let alone wash water!

3 don't mouth to mouth feeding, but can not chew and then feeding the children.

Many adults feel that there is nothing, but I do not know their saliva all the bacteria to the child. If the food is too large, do not worry about the child bite broken, can take food cut small, or chop point before doing.

4 as far as possible not to feed the children with adult chopsticks to eat directlyCan infect.

5 do not use the mouth to taste the child's water temperature,Some adults even with a mouth nipple to taste the milk temperature, this is absolutely not desirable.

6 do not give the child to eat spicy spicy food, so as not to damage the fragile gastric mucosa.The best way to keep a child is to put an end to all opportunities for infection!

Don't say anything when we were young. At that time there is no haze, no genetically modified, not a variety of viruses. When the sky is blue, the water is not contaminated, so now that "unclean, eating disease" has already been out of date!

Now the child is the immune system, digestive system is still not perfect, we need to take care of, an not careful, it may cause serious consequences.

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