Children "trouble" how to do?

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Children "trouble" how to do?

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Many children good day, but at night restless, crying more than, it is traditionally the children called "Yeti Lang". This is a common sleep disorder in infancy.

One, baby sleep problems


Physiological crying

The child's diaper wet or wrapped too tight, hunger, thirst, the temperature is not appropriate, the quilt is too thick, will make the child feel uncomfortable and crying. In this case, the parents as long as the timely elimination of bad stimulation, the child will soon be quiet sleep. In addition, some children go to sleep at night when they will be crying more than, at this time, if parents can be patient to coax their sleep, the child will soon be able to sleep.<1Two3>


Environment does not adapt

Some children do not adapt to the natural environment, the night during the day upside down. His parents go to work during the day he went to bed, parents rest at night he "work"". If the child picked up and played with him, crying and stop. For this type of child, can be used to adjust the rest of the sleep time to adjust, if necessary, please ask the children's health care doctor for some guidance.<12Three>


Lack of movement during the day

Some children lack of exercise during the day, at night is not willing to sleep, crying more than. These children should increase the amount of activity during the day, the child is tired, the night will be able to sleep peacefully.


Improper arrangement of nap time

Some children in the morning get up, to 2 to 3 points in the afternoon to take a nap or nap time early, even at night go to sleep early and wake up in the middle of the night, no one to accompany playing on the crying. These children morning early awakening, nap time for appropriate adjustments, make the child night sleep, can peacefully to sleep until dawn.


Disease effect

Certain diseases also affect the children sleep at night, this, to start from the primary disease, active prevention and treatment.

Rickets baby often restless night, parents coax also useless. Some babies in the middle of the night will suddenly wake up, crying and fussing, extremely nervous expression, which is mostly during the day too excited or by the stimulation, Riyousuosi night dream.

In addition, the risk of oxyuriasis in children, night pinworm will climb to the mouth to the anus to spawn, cause skin itching, the child will upset crying non-stop.

Two, parents treatment method

When the child woke up crying, the parents of the first reaction is to ask why children cry:

1, there is urine?

2, diaper wet?

3, hungry to eat?

4, before going to bed to eat more?

5, the child's stomach uncomfortable?

6, the room is too hot?

7, too cold?

8, indoor air is not good?

9, oxygen thin?

10, the humidity is too small? The child dry throat? Want water to drink?......

If there is no answer, my mother took the child up or put his arms around his arms, gently patted the child, humming a tune, the child may be slowly falling asleep.

If the child crying badly, hold couldn't hold (this happens often let the child cry for a while, the child is wronged), parents should not worry, but also sound fine to coax children. Do not again is the top, and shake, "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh", than the children make the Huan Huan, it will make it more difficult for children to quiet down.

If the child has never been so noisy, but this night is very special, it is possible to think of the disease, make a phone call to the doctor, consult a doctor, if you need to see a doctor.

If a crying child, calm down, for a while and crying a and quiet down, to think of intussusception in infants. If it is a relatively fat boy, or some of these two days of the stomach, it should be highly suspected, please see the doctor is necessary.

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